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Tomás Jiménez is a professional Spanish Flamenco Guitarist and he gives performances of flamenco guitar music as a soloist or together with Flamenco Dancers throughout the U.K.

In addition to playing in concert halls and at music festivals Tomás also performs for Weddings, Golf Clubs, Spanish Themed Events, Charities, Private Parties and for Spanish Dinners, amongst others.

The performances will be tailored to meet your needs and can include Flamenco Guitar, Dance and Castanets or Classical Guitar playing.

More details on these options are explained in Blog articles on this website.

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Here is a recording of Tomás playing Soleares:


We'd like to express our thanks and appreciation of the superb show you put on for us at our wedding.

Guests remarked how beautiful it was to have Tomás playing in the gardens during the ceremony and after; with the sunshine we had it created the perfect atmosphere, exactly what I had imagined!

The evening show was another excellent mood setter, so many guests said what a lovely Spanish theme it had and thought María's dancing was captivating.

We loved all the planning/ choosing the music and it was all very special to us.

Julia and Richard


Castanet and Guitar

Tomás Jiménez gives solo flamenco guitar recitals and concerts with flamenco dancers and castanet players for... Read More

YouTube videos

Tomás plays rajeo

We have several videos on YouTube.

Video of Tomás and María - Guajira
Zapateado en Re by Sabicas

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Tomás plays rajeo



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