Flamenco Guitarist and Dancer for Weddings

By Tomás

Spanish Flamenco Guitarist and Dancer available for weddings, Spanish dinners, tapas nights, wine tastings, fundraising events and other Spanish themed events. ( If you are more interested in Solo guitar perhaps you might enjoy this article in which I explain my Solo Flamenco and Classical guitar repertoire and performances) I am very fortunate that I […]

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Flamenco Boots Men

By Tomás

Flamenco Boots Men Make: Senovilla Size: The boot says 3.5 but in fact it fits British size man 7 or 7.5 Colour: Black like suede or velvet Condition: Brand new. These have never been worn Price: £60.00 Such boots cost about £140.00 in a shop To try them: Contact me and meet me where I […]

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Flamenco Guitars: Advice on Buying

By Tomás

Introduction Playability String Spacing Strings Tight or Loose Taking Measurements or Requesting These Making Changes to the Instrument: Yes and No What it Sounds Like Volume Projection Balance Responsiveness Slow or Fast Sweet or Aggressive Appearance Machine Heads or Pegs Conclusion

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Tomás and María

By Tomás

Tomás Jiménez: Spanish Flamenco Guitarist Tomás Jiménez gives solo flamenco guitar recitals or with castanets and flamenco dancing throughout the UK. Tomás Jiménez and María José García are from Cartagena, Murcia, Spain. Tomás gives both solo Spanish flamenco guitar performances and performances of Spanish flamenco guitar, castanets and dance together with María José García. Tomás […]

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Castanet and Guitar

Tomás Jiménez gives solo flamenco guitar recitals and concerts with flamenco dancers and castanet players for... Read More

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Tomás plays rajeo

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Tomás plays rajeo



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