Here is a video of the lovely Guajira that originated in Cuba and gradually has found it's place in Flamenco.

Some people believe that Spanish people who moved to Cuba in the 19th Century performed a Spanish regional dance and song and that Cuban musicians liked it and developed it with a more South American flavour.

The flamenco version that we see here shows both Cuban and Spanish musical characteristics.

Tomás is accompanied here with castanets by (from left to right) Arancha, María García and Nuria.

The castanets are a very primitive and essential Spanish and Flamenco instrument even though they are also played in Spanish regional music and dance.

In this example more than simply rhythmic accompaniment there is an interaction between Flamenco guitar and castanets.

Here is a video of the serious and sombre Soleares which features the dancing of Nuria supported by María García and Arancha and accompanied by Tomás.

Here is a video of Bulerías payed by Tomás and accompanied by flamenco clapping called 'Palmas' by ( from left to right) Arancha, María García and Nuria.

Here is a video of Tomás playing Alegrías de Córdoba accompanied by the flamenco palmas of María García.

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Tomás plays rajeo

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Video of Tomás and María - Guajira
Zapateado en Re by Sabicas

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Tomás plays rajeo



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