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Spanish Classical Guitar for Private Party

I played  a recital of Spanish Classical Guitar pieces for a private party.

Tomas Flamenco Guitarist

Sometimes I realise what a lovely profession it is to play guitar for people.

My real speciality is playing Spanish flamenco guitar but on this occasion the client requested some more gentle classical guitar pieces.

Classical Guitar Music

This came about because she had seen me play at another event where I played primarily flamenco with some Spanish classical pieces. She liked the  music and invited me to play for a private birthday party for her father who is also a classical guitarist.

Tomas Flamenco Guitar Music

The first thing that pleased me was that I was approached after playing flamenco.  You see, often there is an expectation that flamenco is all about being loud and brash and certainly if people want loud and fast I can provide that.

But flamenco is really about passionate emotions and classical guitar and flamenco guitar music are not each other’s adversaries; rather they are cousins seeking the same emotional expression but using what we can perhaps call their own particular musical language and style.

Spanish Guitarist

Well, I learnt several pieces for the party at the host’s request and did my best with these new additions to my repertoire.

Something that was especially enjoyable was chatting to the gentleman celebrating his birthday.

We had both been in the same places at about the same time and could share memories.

He had been around the classical guitar environment when I was teaching at the Spanish Guitar Centre in Leicester Square. Just up Charing Cross Road there are a number of guitar shops mainly in a road called Denmark Street but which I think was also known as Tin Pan Alley.

We also remembered the same guitarists who were famous and respected at that time and some of the popular pieces that guitarists tended to play. Some of those I could play.

Unfortunately, I had another engagement that evening and so could not outstay my welcome.

Spanish Classical Guitarist


It was very good to play some classical guitar pieces for this party and I will remember the occasion with pleasure.