Ashbourne Festival of the Artisan Flamenco Guitar

A total joy to have been invited to play flamenco guitar at the Ashbourne Festival of the Artisan.

Flamenco Guitar Player

First and foremost a huge thank you to the wise and perceptive sound engineers who provided me with an enviable sound system so that my flamenco guitar could be heard uniformly and brilliantly throughout the entire large church where the event was staged.

As soon as the sound engineer saw my guitar and realised that it had no pick up or any other form of microphone he immediately changed the microphone that he had been using for other performers and provided me with a microphone that was ultra responsive to each and every nuance of the flamenco guitar.

Flamenco Guitar Player

This is very important and a proper sound system can make a very significant contribution to how a musical performance works: both in terms of how the audience receives the music and in how the musician has the freedom and support to play the music exactly as they feel they need to.

Flamenco Guitar Player

Certainly I felt completely supported, was overjoyed with the sound and how I could hear it (monitor on stage) and frankly would have been delighted to play there all night.

The audience were very warm and appreciative and I loved playing for them.

Tomas Flamenco Guitarist

I did not select those pieces from the flamenco repertoire that are perhaps a little more accessible to non specialist listeners; quite the opposite, I decided which  pieces I wanted to play right there on stage in accordance with my mood at each moment.

If my memory serves me right I played: Soleares, Tientos, Farruca, Colombiana, Zambra Mora and Bulerias.

Tomas Flamenco Guitar Music

Great memories. Thank you everyone at Ashbourne Festival of the Artisan for making it such an enjoyable experience.