Tomás Jiménez Flamenco Guitarist

A family inheritance

The love for flamenco has been passed down Tomás’s family throughout the generations.

Tomás traces his family roots back to Extremadura, a region with a deep long standing tradition of flamenco and  that neighbours with Andalucía.

Flamenco at wine tasting event

Flamenco Passion

His grandmother was a Gipsy and an absolute lover of flamenco and his grandfather was a payo which is the Gipsy term for non Gipsy.

Flamenco was all around, in his own family but also pretty much everywhere else.

Tomás had no formal conservatoire tuition as this is not available in Spain for flamenco.

Nowadays formal teaching of flamenco is becoming more common as are free classes on the Internet.

These are all very useful but living flamenco on a daily basis means that you absorb the emotion of the music almost without even realising it.

Flamenco music becomes an integral part of who you are.

Tomás Jiménez shows chord

Flamenco Guitar Skill

Tomás’s father had been an amateur flamenco guitarist, playing at local festivals and passed his skill and knowledge to Tomás.

Much of the deep emotion of course has been passed down from his Gipsy grandmother.

His father’s teaching instilled in Tomás a respect for flamenco together with the understanding that his playing should communicate the true meaning of each piece without using superfluous effects.

His father explained to him: “No florees el toque porque el flamenco ya comunica todas las emociones y todos los sentimientos humanos sin echarle ni quitarle nada”.

Translated to English: “Don’t make the playing flowery because flamenco by itself communicates every emotion and every human sentiment and you don’t have to add to or take anything away from it”.

The joy of Flamenco

The Music page on this site gives more information about Tomás’s repertoire and how he can tailor his playing to suit your event.

The Videos page shows a selection of his work with Flamenco Dancers and castanet players.

The Testimonials page shows the wonderful reviews and comments that Tomás has received from his clients.

The following is a non exhaustive list of some of the venues that Tomás has performed at:


Tomas Jimenez Centro Cultural, Cartagena.


Festival Nacional del Cante de Las Minas, La Unión

Festival Nacional del Cante por Cartageneras, Cartagena

Catedral de Santander, Santander

Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy, Cartagena

Teatro Circo, Cartagena



Tomas Jimenez Concert England


Concert Halls

Royal Albert Hall, London: Free Lunchtime Series

Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room, Southbank, London: Soloist with a Flamenco Dance Company

Caning House Spanish and Latin American Cultural Centre, London: Flamenco Guitar Recital with Castanets

Fairfield Halls Croydon: Solist with Flamenco Dance Company

Music Festivals

Brighton Festival

Buckingham Festival (3 times)

Dorchester Festival

Dumfries and Galloway Festival

Dundee International Guitar Festival

Hebden Bridge Festival

Oxjam Festival


Abbey Theatre, St. Albans

All Saints Centre, Lewes, Sussex

Arts Depot, London

Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

Compass Theatre, Ickenham

Cure Parkinson’s Trust, Sussex

Durham University

Ealing Guitar Society

Embassy Theatre, London

Hampton Community College, London

Hull Truck Theatre

Little Theatre, Lewes, Sussex

Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Norwich Castle Museum, Francis Cheetham O.B.E Memorial Concert

Regis Recital Hall

Stantonbury Campus Theatre, Milton Keynes

Sunderland University

Tsunami Relief Concert

West Sussex Guitar Club


Castanet and Guitar

Tomás Jiménez gives solo flamenco guitar recitals and concerts with flamenco dancers and castanet players for… Read More

YouTube videos

Tomás plays rajeo

We have several videos on YouTube.

Video of Tomás and María – Guajira
Zapateado en Re by Sabicas

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