El Bar De Tapas Stevenage Flamenco Dance and Guitar Show

Recently I had the pleasure of performing together with the inspiring dancer Rocio at El Bar De Tapas Stevenage.

Flamenco Dancer in Performance

The wonderfully hospitable management had set up a wooden board for flamenco footwork at the entrance to their bar de tapas on the pedestrian walk.

To our left were a team of chefs cooking various paellas and passing people sat for a while on the benches in front of us .

I noticed that in addition to the waiting staff quite a few Spanish people passed by and stopped for food and the flamenco show.

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We had the thrill of meeting a Spanish lady who had been a professional dancer all her life and although now retired had a very accurate memory of the music of her generation.

I was absolutely overjoyed that she recognised many of the pieces that I played and connected them to Andres Segovia in the case of Classical guitar pieces and to Sabicas in the case of the flamenco pieces.

Quite naturally people do not always know what the pieces are that I play even if they enjoy them very much but when I meet someone who totally does know these pieces an indeed my playing style I feel so encouraged and supported.

Rocio as always keeps people looking and taking photos or filming her.

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She has a very engaging style and presence and as I have repeatedly said I am most fortunate to work with such inspiring colleagues.

I found a very professional guitar shop just around the corner and could not resist going in and the owner very kindly gave of his time to show me around and explain a little about the history of his business.

He mentioned that they could hear every note loud and clear and I think that is down to my new Fishman Loudbox Mini amplifier; the sound of which is anything but mini!

Chef cooked for us specially and when we left if was with very happy memories of a summer afternoon with El Bar De Tapas, Stevenage.