El Cafe Shipston-on-Stour Live Music but Maybe Never again

I have played twice at El Cafe in Shipston-on-Stour but it looks like I am never going to play there again.

Here is the story:

There has been a complaint from one neighbour who is not at all pleased with the noise. More about that later!

The first time I played there it was gentle Spanish Classical and concert type Flamenco pieces.

Frankly I absolutely loved the evening.

The courtyard setting is fabulously appropriate for a lovely summer evening with excellent Spanish food accompanied by delicate Spanish guitar pieces.

I can play as loud, brash and fast as the next guitarist but I chose not to because I love real Spanish guitar music.

On my second occasion I was joined by my wonderful Spanish singer/dancer.

She is quite magical.

But there were also other music acts on that evening and I had not anticipated that.

I think the music was kind of Irish, Folk, maybe some pop. I am no expert in these styles.

About the other acts let me say this:

There are no bad or less good/important music styles or musicians. I have no time for superiority attitudes when it comes to music.

So, to me it is all good.

I do have a suggestion but firstly I need to talk about the neighbour making the complaints.

I have never met him or seen what he says but I so totally get where he is coming from.

I am a musician and love music but I also want peace and quiet in my home.

Why shouldn’t he want to have peace and quiet and to be able to enjoy his home without feeling it is being invaded with noise that he does not want?

I have a lot of appreciation of how he feels.

So, what is my suggestion?

Well I wonder how he would feel if the nature of the music were so distant, so quiet and gentle that outside of the venue it would be almost impossible to know if there was any music being played at all.

This may sound like self-promotion because this is precisely what I can offer. (It could be another guitarist; it doesn’t necesarily have to be me)

I have always wanted to be a concert performer and indeed I do perform in that way from time to time but when in restaurants etc. I also include many of the concert standard pieces and do find that people genuinely enjoy these pieces.

So, I guess what I am saying is wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely if the atmospheric El Cafe in Shipston could continue to offer good quality quiet music throughout the summer and at other times (perhaps inside with doors closed?) and perhaps the neighbour might like to pop in for some superb Spanish food, the drink of his choice and to enjoy a musician working very hard to provide wonderful music.