El Rincon Summertown Oxford

November 25, 2022

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El Rincon

Playing Flamenco guitar to accompany a Sherry and Food Pairing Evening

38 South Parade

Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7JN

01865 438 377

Tuesday 6 December 2022

El Rincon Summertown Oxford

I will play flamenco guitar at El Rincon Summertown Oxford.

This event is going to be very special.

I will explain why I feel very positive about this in more detail.

First, I must make the following statement.

I respect all of my clients and very much enjoy playing at all venues and for all events.

El Rincon in Summertown has booked me to play flamenco guitar for their Sherry and Food Pairing event.

They are working with The Oxford Wine Company and Gonzalez Byass.

The event will promote Sherries from Jerez de La Frontera.

If we ask Spanish people where flamenco comes from they will correctly reply from Andalusia.

However, if we ask people who are very involved in flamenco where is the cradle of flamenco they will often reply from Jerez de La Frontera.

Jerez is especially associated with the flamenco form that we call Bulerias which is derived from a most primitive form called Soleares.

When I asked the manger Rosaleen Shortt which of my pieces she felt would be appropriate for her event she replied Bulerias and Soleares.

Somebody knows their flamenco.

Of course, I will play the entire flamenco repertoire.

El Rincon a Spanish Taberna

The atmosphere will be of the Spanish Taberna.

Tabernas in their origin (circa 1600) were shops selling food and wine but over time  they served food.

These key venues of  Spanish culture also contracted flamenco performers to help create an atmosphere.

Indeed, it is often said that you learn flamenco and show your worth not on the international concert stage but in the Tabernas, Bars and local squares.

So, with the pairing of Sherries of Jerez with food together with my flamenco guitar playing there will be the atmosphere of the Andalusian Taberna.

Flamenco Guitar at El Rincon

I am absolutely committed to authentic flamenco.

At the same time, I am also careful to explain that flamenco music expresses human emotions and as such contains a great many styles which are very happy and easy to listen to.

You can listen to Bulerias and Soleares as well as many other more relaxed pieces in the sound examples on this site.

Also, on my Videos page you can see a different version of Bulerias where I start a little mysterious and slow but build to a pulse helped with flamenco clapping.

Zapateado en Re and Colombiana show slow and passionate and light and fun respectively.

Update on playing flamenco guitar at El Rincon

It was fantastic.

Everything was perfect.

I noticed that everyone, or nearly everyone was Spanish. Maybe one or two were not but they were with Spanish speakers.

My position on Spanish and flamenco.
As I have said many times and in articles on this website it makes no difference who you are or where you come from.
How we feel music is individual and unique and I play for all people.

However, maybe I can get away with saying Spanish people at a Spanish restaurant. Not a bad start.

The evening was superb.

Excellent Spanish food was pared with a large selection of wines of Jerez presented by the U.K. representative Gonzalez Byass Wine Family.

I felt the freedom to play my entire repertoire of authentic flamenco and some Spanish classical pieces.

Given that I was not the main focus of the evening, I am most grateful for the applause and appreciation of my flamenco guitar music.

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