Feedback from playing at private parties

Many thanks for being with us. You, your guitar and your beautiful music were the highlight of the party.!!!! Loved it!!
Lizbell Contreras

A huge thanks to you for last night. You made our evening so special and so many of our guests really appreciated you being there, and what you played.
We were so busy we felt we missed out a bit and would really love to ask you to come back for a more intimate event at some point.
Thank you very much again.

We wanted to write to you to thank you for performing so brilliantly at our party last month.
Your flamenco guitar playing was just beautiful and you really did set a wonderful and very appropriate atmosphere for the night.
We were also grateful for you travelling to join us and being so accommodating.
We would love to hear you play again when we have another party!
Rosie W and Family

Yesterday’s performance was the icing on the cake of a brilliant day. Thank you so much for entertaining us so wonderfully.
Barry G

Your performance was absolutely outstanding.
We all appreciated that you played a very varied selection of Spanish pieces.
Your technique is clearly advanced yet we could see that your priority was to play great pieces of flamenco guitar music.

Thank you for coming all the way to Winchester to play for us on Friday evening. All my guests (and myself  of course) loved your music and were really impressed by your guitar playing.
Thanks again, Tomas. You really were fantastic.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. It was wonderful to have you play and I know everyone enjoyed the music so much.
It brought back some lovely memories for me of Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and other places where I have listened to flamenco.
I would absolutely like to book you again for a small party.
Esther G

Thank you so much for playing on Saturday. The music was incredible- we loved it and so did the guests! Hopefully we can hear you play again soon!

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful performance last night. It completely made the evening for my husband and our guests. Better than I could have hoped for.

Tomás, thank you so much for playing at our Spanish Christmas party. We were so happy when you played those traditional Spanish Christmas songs. It just made the whole atmosphere perfect.
Juan Andrés

I just wanted to thank you for attending our fiesta and providing such wonderful music. We have had many comments about how talented you are and how much our guests enjoyed the music.
Suzane and Richard

A big thank you for Saturday night. We thoroughly enjoyed your musical presence and thought you were amazing. People are asking for your details which of course I will pass on.
Suzy and Paul

Just wanted to say a big thank you for coming to our party in Lincoln. Your playing is superb and you really helped to create atmosphere and make the event more memorable.

Hello Tomas, we cannot begin to thank you enough for coming to play at the very last minute for Grandads surprise party.
As you know the operation was a complete success and we wanted to celebrate this with him.
Grandad was so happy that you had played in Spain at the places that he remembers so well.
Your flamenco guitar music really made the party buzz.
Thank you from all of us.
Cayetana, Natalia and Santiago

Dear Tomas,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for playing so beautifully yesterday.
So many guests commented on such lovely music.
Added to the party’s theme so well.
If you ever need any references please let us know.
Best wishes
Richard and Helen

Hello Tomas,
Your Spanish flamenco guitar playing was just magnificent.
The techniques are clearly very advanced.
Furthermore, we all noticed that you played lots of different kinds of rhythms and styles.
In fact, some people imagine that flamenco will sound all the same to their ears.
Not a bit of it!
Each piece had its own very special melody and mood. Everyone said how they so much enjoyed the sound of your guitar.
Thank you very much.
Heather and Geoffrey

Big thank you for making yesterday so special. A ‘real musician’ did surprise everyone.
Best wishes Paula

Thank you for playing such wonderful music at our garden party.
Do you remember that I said that there would be some musicians present?
Well, they all said that it was clear that you play Spanish flamenco guitar to a very high standard.
Naturally many of your flamenco pieces are virtuoso by their nature.
However, the gentle Spanish classical pieces complimented the vigorous flamenco styles beautifully.
Thank you very much for making our Spanish themed party so special.
Jennifer and Eric

Your playing on Saturday night reminded me of the jazz clubs in New York.
Now I do understand that you are not a jazz guitarist and that flamenco is a specifically Spanish music.
However, you reminded me of the jazz musicians because of the way I can see you trying things out, taking risks, improvising.
For us your freedom in improvisation together with your very Spanish flamenco air made your music engaging and exciting.
Thank you for such a unique contribution to our musical evening.
Martin Jones

Hello Tomas
Thank you for your astonishing performance together with your flamenco dancer.
You came very highly recommended so we did expect a very enjoyable flamenco show.
However, what really impressed us was the communication between both of you.
It was as if you both knew exactly what was happening even though you could no see each other due to performing facing front to the audience.
Difficult to put into words but it was just magical.
Thank you very much for an outstanding performance of Spanish flamenco dance and guitar.
Gwyneth and Timothy

It was my brother who saw you play at the Spanish restaurant. He said that your playing had a greater depth than is common at restaurants.
On his recommendation, then, we decided to book you for our private party.
My goodness, we are very impressed.
Essentially what we said is that you are a concert standard guitarist but that you play for events.
To be blunt we feel that your repertoire and virtuosity is higher than we have seen in some concerts.
Your improvised flamenco styles had as much complexity as the classical compositions that you played.
Yet at the same time it was all very enjoyable. Very pleased that I booked you and will be in touch again next year.
Peter B.

Thank you very much for your beautiful playing and creating such a good atmosphere at our Spanish themed Christmas party. We would like to book you again for next year.

Genuine authentic flamenco guitar is difficult to find here in Britain.
Your playing is as good as anything that we have heard in Andalusia.
Not just your skill but the way you make the real Andalusian emotion or vibe as people say. We will be in touch to book you again in the summer.
Jose Sanchez

Thank you for playing at my party. Everyone enjoyed your music. I have had lots of compliments on your playing, especially from my friend Tim Edey who is also a renowned guitar player. Thank you again.

I just wanted to say it was lovely meeeting you yesterday and to pass on my thanks for a successful event. They loved it!!
They all said how great you were on the guitar and the fact that we mixed it up with a quiz and a Spanish class was such a nice touch, they were able to engage and not just sit there and watch which they normally do.
Again thank you so much. I would certainly like to do this again so I will be in touch in a few weeks.
Churchill Retirement

Feedback from playing at weddings

Tomas, thank you so much for coming to play at Pippa’s wedding yesterday. It really was wonderful listening to your beautiful music and very much appreciated by our guests. We had many compliments about your playing! Thank you, Tomas, it was a pleasure to meet you. Sally

Tomás, that was absolutely fantastic!
Super organised on the day and happy to accommodate our plans and hectic organisation.
You were a really positive presence and people loved your music!
The atmosphere was awesome and created exactly the vibe we were looking for.
Thank you. Thank you.
Rosie and James

We wanted to reach out to you to thank you again for giving such a special performance at our wedding. We regret that we did not get a chance to speak with you for very long, but fondly remember the beautiful music you played.
Your performance really made our day feel magical!
Anna and Thomas

Thank you Tomas, for your truly superb Spanish guitar playing at our wedding. The balance of Spanish flamenco and classical pieces was perfect. We will always remember your music.
Andrea and James

Greg and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the wonderful entertainment that you performed at our wedding last Saturday.

Everyone commented on how it helped to make our special day that bit different.
Beautiful performances from both of you Rocio and Tomas, you really helped bring that part of my Spanish culture into our wedding- I know my dad really appreciated it.
Muchas gracias.
Natalia and Greg

Totally uplifting, such energy and pure happiness in your playing. When guests arrived from the church ceremony to the drinks reception the exciting sound of your flamenco guitar created exactly the perfect atmosphere.
Oliver and Evelyn

Tomas, do you remember that fabulous piece that you played at our wedding for the signing of the register.
Generally known here as Memories of the Alhambra or Tales of the Alhambra.
But as you explained the proper Spanish name is Recuerdos de La Alhambra.
Well, on our honey moon trip around Spain we saw a great old Spanish maestro play that piece in a television documentary.
We suddenly jumped and said: “Just a minute, that is what Tomas Jimenez played for our wedding!”
It is not just that you play to a very high professional standard.
For us it is that your Spanish music was a link back to the old lovely Spain.
Thank you so much for your superb Spanish flamenco and classical guitar playing.
Elizabeth and William

The following feedback is translated from the original Spanish e mail that I received.

Hello Tomas, we are so happy with how you played at our wedding.
Flamenco as we have in Spain is not always easy to find out of Spain, so we took some time to find the appropriate guitarist and without doubt in this respect you are the ideal.
Important, also because so many of our guests coming from Spain know exactly the real flamenco and they were greatly impressed with your playing.
Thank you with all our heart.
Trini and Fran

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Saturday. We loved the performance and all our guests loved it.
Many thanks
Emily and James

Feedback from playing at public venues: Restaurants, Tapas Bars, Golf Clubs, Boating Clubs etc.

What a wonderful evening Tomas!
Thank you ever so much. Myself and Juan hope that we get to work with you again.
Your music most definitely helped to create the experience we wished for.
Thank you once again!
Rosaleen Shortt
El Rincon
Summertown, Oxford.

Just wanted to say thank you for playing last night it was brilliant and also really appreciate you playing a little longer than agreed.
We are looking at doing another tapas evening and once we decide a date would love to have you back.
Thanks again.
The Butchers Arms, Greens Norton

Many thanks for coming to Denham las week and entertaining our members so brilliantly at our Spanish evening. I have had lots of enthusiastic and positive comments about the evening, particularly your guitar and castanet playing and the dancing. I am pleased some members took part in the dancing and you taught them very well. Thank you very much again and best wishes for the future.
Clare Frost Denham Golf Club

Feedback from playing at funerals and other solemn events

We want to thank you sincerely for playing Spanish guitar for our father’s funeral.
He never wanted to leave Spain and when we were children he often put on flamenco records.
It was as if he wanted the Spanish music to make him feel like as if he was in his Spain.
Your playing took us right back to our happy childhood with dad singing along to the Spanish records.
Eduardo and Maria Elena

Tomas, thank you for your sensitive playing at our grandmother’s funeral.
Grandmother our ‘Abuelita’ was the link back to Spain.
As we said she was from Seville and danced Sevillanas a great deal in her youth.
We were therefore very pleasantly surprised that you had prepared a number of verses of Sevillanas for us.
Strange to dance such a celebratory style at a funeral but we know that from the sky ‘Abuelita’ will have been most happy to see us all dancing her dance.
You made that possible. Thank you Tomas.