Flamenco Concert Oxford 4 April 2016


The concert raised £320.00 for the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team.

The church was full and people responded very enthusiastically to the music as well as to the reason for the concert.

I thank everyone at St. Michael’s in the Northgate for their help with the organisation and presentation of the concert, the sound system and the publicity including the very attractive posters and programmes.


This will be a most important flamenco concert for me.

It will be free but all donations will be given to the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team who rescued my younger brother.

The details about the concert are on the Concerts page.

In March 2015 my brother Ventura had a very serious fall in the Ben Nevis mountain in Scotland. Despite being very fit and an experienced and sensible moutain walker as night approached and visibility became difficult he lost his way and fell.

On seeing that he had not returned the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team went out that very same evening  but they could not see anything and had to stop.

The following morning at first light they went out again and this time found my brother. He was in coma, covered in snow, frost bitten and with very serious injuries.

They used a helicopter to air lift him to hospital where he started a long and painful process of recovery.

Now he is recovered from his physical injuries although with regular  medical check- ups. The emotional psychological impact is of course a more complex recovery.

But he is recovering very well in every sense and I believe that this, together of course with the medical attention, is very much due to his positive happy outlook on life.

I was always the creative one staying at home playing the guitar and  he was always the sportsman and adventurer.

My brother Ventura still is forward looking, positive, brave, optimistic and a person who while having  a quiet personality nonetheless loves life to the full.

This concert will be a celebration of my brother Ventura and his wonderful outlook on life.

Of course , it would not have been possible for me to give this concert of celebration had it not been for the work of the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team and all donations will be sent to them to support them in their continued work of saving lives.