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María José: Dance Workshop

Flamenco Dance Workshops

María José García: Flamenco Dancer and Flamenco Dance Teacher.
To see María José play castanets and dance live please visit our Videos page.

Spanish flamenco dancer María José García is frequently invited by to deliver flamenco dance workshops.

Typical Flamenco Dance Workshops

There is no set formula because each organisation has their own timetable and their own idea about what would be the most appropriate content for their members. Here are just a few examples of how previous flamenco dance workshops and peformances were delivered.

The following are guidelines that I hope may be helpful to workshop organisers.

I typically deliver either one workshop of 1 or 2 hours duration or several shorter workshops (30 min. or 45 min. each) for different groups.These workshops can be repeated as many times as you wish throughout the day and the fee will vary depending on how many hours you would like.

The content of a usual workshop will typically cover:

  • Position of the body
  • Footwork
  • Castanets
  • Arm and hand movements
  • Rhythm and clapping
  • Individual work
  • Group work
  • Pair work

At the end, the students like to show what they have learnt.


For the Performance/Demonstration class members enjoy when I show a few examples of different flamenco dances explaining their origins, feelings and meanings.

I also show them some castanet playing accompanying flamenco music.

My workshops are accompanied by a live professional flamenco guitarist. This is important bercause it gives me the freedom to vary the workshop content as I see what people participating are achieveing and most enjoying.

I always take one of my favourite flamenco costumes from Spain so that the students can also get a flavour of that important aspect of the dance.

Spanish Language Work

Dear María

I meant to write to you before today to say a big thank you for last Wednesday. All the feedback I got was positive, very positive and they are saying: more, more…excellent and well done to you. Have a good week and thanks again for all your hard work.

Pascale, Princess Risborough Secondary School, Buckinghamshire

Dear María

Thank your for visiting our school and demonstrating your wonderful dancing talents! It was lovely meeting you and the girls really enjoyed your demonstrations. Please stay in touch!

Angela, Dr. Challoner’s High School for Girls, Buckinghamshire

And for the Spanish speakers:

María José,

Muy bien, creo que los alumnos lo van a pasar bomba contigo! Como el curso pasado. Entonces nos vemos el 25 a las  09.45. Hasta entonces.

Rebecca, Holmer Green School, Buckinghamshire

The translation into English would be something like:

Great, I think the students are going to have a wonderful time with you! Just like last year! So we’ll see you on the 25th at 09.45. See you then.

Rebecca, Holmer Green School, Buckinghamshire

I never knew that there would be such an interest and indeed respect for flamenco dance in British schools and I must say I am enjoying it immensely.

People started approaching me after concerts I gave with Tomás Jiménez.

They wanted to know if I would give  a workshop and perform for their organisation. Of course the answer was immediate. I certainly would and I thought the idea was wonderful.

Areas and Locations for Flamenco Dance Wokshops

Although I am based in Buckinghamshire I am delighted to have been invited to give flamenco dance workshops all over Britain and I am happy to travel to anywhere that I can practically get to.

Here are a few of the schools I have been delighted to give workshops at. I am CRB checked for teaching at schools.

  • Akeley Wood School, Buckingham
  • Chesham College, Buckinghamshire
  • Cheshunt School, Herts. (Three Times)
  • Dr. Challoner’s High School for Girls, Bucks.
  • Edgware Junior School, Middlesex
  • Herts and Essex High School, Herts
  • Hertswood School, Herts.
  • Holmer Green Senior School, Bucks., (Three times)
  • Kelly College, Devon
  • Knowles School, Bletchley
  • Lord William’s School, Oxon (Three times)
  • Merlin School, Putney
  • Mossbourne Academy, London
  • Ousedale School, Milton Keynes, (Five times)
  • Parkfields Middle School, Toddington
  • Princess Risborough School, Bucks.
  • Queenswood School, Herts. See their website for video of this workshop at their events section.
  • Ridings Arts Centre at Ridings High School, Bristol
  • Robertswood Combined School, Bucks.
  • St. Mary’s School, Gerards Cross
  • St. Matthews Primary School, Telford
  • Sandringham School, Herts.
  • Sherfield School, Reading, Berkshire
  • The Henry Box School, Oxon. (Twice)
  • The Wye Valley School, Bucks.
  • Wycombe High School, Bucks.

Flamenco Dance Classes in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire in Adult Education

Flamenco dance classes are provided in Milton Keynes by Adult Continuing Education .

Flamenco dance classes are provided in Aylesbury by Buckinghamshire Adult Learning .

About María José García

I was born in Cartagena ( Spain) which is in the region of Murcia on the South East Mediterranean coast.

Just like any other girl from my town I wanted to learn to dance. That’s why at the age of 9 I embarked on the task of learning Spanish dance and I loved it.

As I was progressing through the dance studies I became more involved with flamenco and I made it my speciality. I took all my dance exams in the Conservatorio de Danza in Murcia, Spain.


María José Teaches Braceo

I studied Flamenco and Classical Spanish Dance and gained the title of Bailarina Profesional ( Professional dancer) from the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Madrid.

After that I bought the academy where I had studied and ran it for several years.

I have had lessons with several renowned flamenco dancers such as Ángel Muñoz, Rafaela Carrasco, Alicia Márquez and Virginia Dominguez among others.

Contacting María José García

Please feel free to  contact me at the contact page with any questions you may have about a flamenco dance workshop and/or performance for your school or other entity.


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