Flamenco Guitar For Sale

September 8, 2021

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Flamenco Guitar For Sale

Flamenco Guitar For Sale. Paco Castillo Flamenco Guitar. 214F Electro Acoustic.

Asking price: £630.00

How I have calculated the price:

I have found on the Internet that the price for this guitar is as follows:

Just the guitar: £699.00

With fitted Fishman dual microphone pick-up tuner system: £799.00 (Approximately, perhaps a little more)

VAT at 20%: £159.80

Total new price: £958.80

The new price may be a little more. I am not sure exactly how much the fitted pick up system costs.

The guitar comes with a case and the electric cable; both for free.

Reason for Flamenco Guitar For Sale

I bought this electro acoustic flamenco guitar a few years ago.
At that time, I was playing duets in the style of the Gipsy Kings with another guitarist.

I thought that this guitar with all the reverb, chorus possibilities etc would be ideal.
Indeed it is.

However, I am a very traditional flamenco guitarist.
Finally, this whole electro acoustic type guitar playing is not what I do.

I have hardly played it and it is in perfect condition.

I play at events all over the UK so it is likely that I may be in your area soon.
As such, if you are interested, please contact me and I will let you know the ares that I am visiting.

I will add here a video where I pay this guitar.

I recorded this on very basic camera and how it sounds will also be influenced by the device that you are using. Nonetheless, I think it sounds very good and absolutely ideal for a more modern new flamenco player.

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I’m based in Buckinghamshire but I love to perform all over the UK and abroad. If you have an event, wedding or party, telephone or email me to chat about your ideas.

I provide and can adapt the following flamenco guitar services to make your event extra special:

Solo flamenco guitar
Flamenco guitar with flamenco dancer(s)
Duets of guitar and castanets
Flamenco guitar with Spanish singer
Spanish Classical Guitar

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