Flamenco Guitarist for Wine Tasting Event

January 28, 2021

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Flamenco Guitarist Wine Tasting Event

Flamenco Guitarist Wine Tasting

Flamenco guitarist wine tasting.

I often play for wine tasting events.

If you are considering booking a flamenco guitarist for your event please do get in touch.

We can discuss your event and how you feel the music should help the atmosphere.

There are essentially three stages to a wine tasting event.

These are customers arriving and finding their seats, trying the wines, customers leaving.

Each phase requires a specific approach from the flamenco guitarist.

I would like to discuss your event with you but here are just a few ideas.

Guitar music as people arrive

Usually I will play something quite gentle that welcomes people.  I would normally avoid anything too over powering.

Spanish flamenco and classical music for the wine tasting.

Each wine is different and I feel the music should try to reflect this.

If the wine is white and quite dry, I might play a calm flowing Spanish classical piece at a medium tempo.

For a slightly sweeter wine with more colour I think perhaps a sweet South American piece.

I understand that the music should suit the event and  help to create the Spanish atmosphere.

The main purpose of your evening is the wine tasting and usually someone presents the wine.

Therefore, it is important not to play while they are speaking. 

Alternatively, I can play very quietly at some distance if you think that will provide a musical backdrop.

This should create a congenial atmosphere.

Gradually as the night progresses, I can introduce some of the more sophisticated Spanish classical pieces.

Flamenco guitar music for the full-bodied wines

When you offer the full- bodied wines, I might play some of the emotionally powerful flamenco compositions in the minor key.

I want the music to fit well with each wine; perhaps to try to describe each wine.

Thus, for a very robust red wine I would choose a strong and serious piece such as the flamenco Soleares.

Likewise, the well- known classical piece Asturias is most appropriate for a rich red wine.

For a lighter red wine with more fruit I thought that Bulerias might be appropriate.

If you have white wines that are more complex, I might play Granainas or Alegrias de Cordoba.

For Rose wines perhaps pieces of South American origin such as Guajira and Colombiana

If you offer an Albariño from Galicia I would play Farruca which comes from that region.

Flamenco guitar as customers leave

As people depart, I want my music to leave them with a good taste. Hence, I would select lovely melodic pieces. Typically, we remember the last piece that we hear.

As such it is crucial that the concluding pieces should make people feel that they want to return.


Thus, I try to understand the wines themselves and choose appropriate pieces.

My flamenco and classical guitar music will be entirely in character with your event.

Flamenco Guitarist

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