Flamenco Guitar Kent University

July 4, 2022

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Flamenco Guitar Kent University

A rather good thing happened recently.
Someone from the University of Kent in Canterbury contacted me.
They explained that they wanted to find a musician to play for an award ceremony.

Here is a video playing flamenco guitar at the University of Kent in Canterbury

There is a short video of one of the pieces that I played for the event.

It is called Farruca Short Arpegio.

And many thanks to the very helpful person who helped me position the camera and gave me useful advice about camera settings.
I will study this for future videos.
Also, thanks to the organiser who booked me.

The booking to play flamenco guitar at Kent University

Going back to the subject of flamenco guitar Kent University.
It was a telephone conversation and follow up e mails.
Those of you who have found this post because you have an interest in flamenco guitar can probably guess how I replied.

Yes, I said but is it Spanish themed?
You see I play flamenco. is that what you want.
No, it was not at all a Spanish event.
The organising person explained that they had looked at a number of musicians and they felt that my music would be good.

The future of flamenco guitar for all kinds of event

So, I hear you say: OK so you are a good guitarist, so what?

OK here is so what.
Now as opposed to even just 30 years ago flamenco is or is becoming enjoyable to all sorts of people.
I am very careful to avoid saying flamenco is becoming mainstream. No absolutely not!
I am not mainstream and never will be.

I play very authentic traditional flamenco but here is the magic thing.

We hear a lot of talk about cultural awareness, open mindedness and inclusivity; all very interesting, I am sure.

No, to me the excitement is that now in these times any person can listen to flamenco guitar and think, yes that is good, that is good for our event.

I have already been experiencing this for some years now.

When I was a young teenager, I remember how all the people around me in Spain advised me not to follow this as a career.

The explained to me that I would only ever have the opportunity to play for people who specifically know and understand flamenco.

One would need to be a really exceptional guitarist to play outside of Spain and again just for a flamenco audience.

They were probably right then and they are not entirely wrong now.
But the world is changing and I am very optimistic for flamenco.

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