Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Tomás Jiménez shows chord

Tomás Jiménez: Flamenco Chord

General Introduction

I have loved flamenco all my life and I started playing flamenco guitar as a child in Spain. Now I take a real pleasure  in sharing what I know with aspiring flamenco guitarists.

I can help you with:

  • Solo guitar playing
  • Accompaniment of Flamenco Dance
  • Accompaniment of Flamenco Singing

All you need to do is to send me an e mail from my contact page. Please tell me  a little about your guitar playing.

Lessons are given one to one. I am located between Bicester and Aylesbury and close to Thame, Oxford and Buckingham.

If at this stage you are not sure if you can come to lessons I hope that you might enjoy some of these articles on my blog with accompanying YouTube guitar lessons:

How to play Triplet (Abanico) Rajeo

How to play Rajeo (General)

How to play Alzapua

How to play Solea to accompany Flamenco Dance and Song

How to play Alegrias

How to play Remate, Llamada, Subida, Cierre and Ida

How to play Fandangos

Do you already play flamenco or do you perhaps play another style or indeed is this the first time you have thought of playing the guitar?

Although I will of course recommend to you the best way to proceed if you have a particular aspect of flamenco guitar playing that you would like to study please do tell me.

Advice on Learning Flamenco Guitar

  • As far as learning to play flamenco guitar is concerned there is a difference between the ideal world and the real world.
  • All of my students live in the real world which means that they are not in a position to do as much as they would genuinly like to do in their flamenco guitar studies.
  • For this reason naturally I accommodate what they are able to do and I aim to provide them with lessons that they enjoy and that help them to develop as much as they can in their circumstances.
  • Although ideal circumstances are very difficult to find here are a few things that I would recommend considering doing in addition to taking lessons with me because I think that these things are helpful and hopefully inspiring.

Flamenco Dance Classses
I would strongly recommend contacting flamenco dancers in your area and asking if they would mind you sitting in on one of their classes. They may already have a flamenco guitarist so you may not be invited to play for the class but we can learn a lot by watching others.

Peñas Flamencas
If there is a flamenco club usually called by the Spanish term Peña Flamenca in your area it might be worth getting in touch and finding out what activities they organise. You may not agree with all of the opinions that people have but I think such organisations can be a source of useful information.

Flamenco Methods and Books
I do not like to teach from a book but you may find it invaluable to have a book at home that you can refer to. Some people like the methods that include DVD’s and other support materials but a simple straight forward Flamenco Guitar Method can also be very useful.

There are also books on flamenco and I would consider reading these but with a very open mind. They are not gospel; they are an individuals personal ideas about flamenco nicely presented on printed paper and published.

So I would say enjoy them and feel free to disagree.


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YouTube videos

Tomás plays rajeo

We have several videos on YouTube.

Video of Tomás and María – Guajira
Zapateado en Re by Sabicas

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