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October 29, 2020

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Flamenco Guitarist in Buckinghamshire: Solo or with Flamenco Dancers.

I often perform flamenco in Buckinghamshire.

Would you like to book flamenco guitarist Buckinghamshire?

If so, I hope the following information is helpful.

It only gives a brief over view of my flamenco guitar performances.

I would be delighted to discuss your event directly with you.

I know that you will have your own plans. 

As such it is best to communicate by phone or e mail.

In this way I can offer flamenco guitar music tailored to your preferences.

These performances include options of:

  1. Solo Flamenco Guitar Music
  2. Solo Flamenco and Spanish Classical Guitar Music
  3. Shows with Flamenco Dancers
  4. Duets with a Castanet player of Flamenco Guitar Pieces

Here are just a few examples of some of the most memorable shows.

Club Hispanico Internacional de Bucks

The purpose of this group is to promote Spanish and South American Cultures.
They hold their meetings and events in Beaconsfield.
I was delighted when they invited to offer a concert of Flamenco Guitar music.
Given that they are a cultural group, I thought that they would enjoy some information on flamenco.
As such, I explained a little about each piece.
I gave information on how flamenco started in about 1830 and how it has developed since then.
Given that this club also promotes South American culture, I explained a little about flamenco pieces of South American origin.
These include: Guajira, Colombiana, Rumba and Milonga.
One thing, however that is most important to me in all my work is to keep the focus on the music. 
I make sure each piece is an enjoyable example of flamenco and appropriate for each event.

Missenden Abbey Summer School Great Missenden

This summer school invited me to give a flamenco guitar concert for the students and staff.

You can read the feedback on my Events Gallery Page.

It is the second testimonial which starts:

The Highlight of the Week

For this recital I thought they would enjoy both flamenco and Spanish classical pieces.

Thus, I played some of the best known and loved Spanish classical guitar pieces.
Additionally, I played less known flamenco styles.
Again, it was good to provide explanations about flamenco such as:

Origins of flamenco
The essential importance of flamenco singing
The different styles of flamenco forms ranging from tragic to joyous
The development of the flamenco guitar as a solo concert instrument
The difference between flamenco and classical guitars
All of this may seem rather academic but I present the information in a relaxed, accessible manner.
Questions from the audience are welcomed.

For this concert I invited a superb castanet player.
Her playing is so skilful and creative that at times I wonder if she is merely accompanying me or is, in fact, recreating my flamenco pieces into new compositions.

Buckingham Fringe Festival

I am very fortunate that this festival has invited to provide a flamenco show no less than three times.

For each performance I was very careful to provide a different program.
The first show I concentrated on solo flamenco guitar with a few guitar and castanet duets.
For the next two I included much more flamenco dancing.
I gave these concerts at the Radclive Centre in Buckingham. 
It is a medium sized but very professional concert hall with tiered seating and very good light and sound.
The festival attracts a very appreciative audience from all walks of life and all age groups.

Flamenco Guitarist Pluma Spanish Restaurant Buckinghamshire

The Spanish restaurant Pluma is in Old Amersham.
I approached them because they seemed like an authentic Spanish restaurant.
They were interested and booked me to play Spanish Flamenco guitar. The event was the anniversary of their opening.
It was a warm summer evening and they had a lovely outside area.
Customers were delightful.
You can always tell when they are really enjoying your music.
Of course, several took the time to approach me before leaving to tell me how much they had enjoyed the selection of pieces.
A dream of an evening playing flamenco guitar for Pluma.
They are not so far from me and I hope that I might be invited to return another day.


Indeed, Pluma Spanish restaurant did invite me to return. They booked me to play for their New Year’s Eve dinner. It was absolutely superb.
At the end of the evening, I joined with all the staff in the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes with the chimes at midnight.
If you manage to eat exactly one grape with each chime, then the tradition is that you will have a good New Year.
Well, we all did and this year has been very good.
They have now booked me again to play on this coming 16 July 2022.
Well not surprisingly, the night at Pluma was nothing short of magical.
So many people came over to speak to me.
My music was good for them.
They explained how my Spanish guitar music either reminded them of music they had heard in Spain, or reminded them of other music performances.
The wonderful thing for me is that for some people it is just background music (absolutely perfect, why not) but for others it means more.

Flamenco Guitar for Private Party Beaconsfield/Amersham

This was a very special evening and so I would like to talk a little about it.
It was rather last minute.
They asked me to play Spanish guitar for a birthday party.
In a way it was also a very happy family gathering.
Family members who normally lived abroad were present.
Many of them were musicians themselves, classical jazz, vocalists, instrumentalists.
I do say you do not have to be a practicing musician to appreciate music or to be Spanish to understand flamenco.
Nonetheless it may be because of being active in music that they recognised some of the pieces and could follow the others.

It was a very sweet evening and they have given me permission to publish this this little video.
The title of the piece is  Prelude in E Minor

This prelude is one of those pieces that I play between the big compositions to provide a little light relaxation.

Flamenco guitarist Buckinghamshire:  soloist or with flamenco dancers:

Milton Keynes

Concert for Buckinghamshire Guitar Society at Christ in the Cornerstone

Guest soloist with orchestra at Stantonbury Theatre

Ole Tapas Bar, Wolverton

This Spanish Tapas Bar is run by chef Juan Carlos and manager Beatriz; both from Spain.
They contracted me play Spanish flamenco guitar for a private party.
It was a wonderful event and so I feel I want to give it special mention.
I am very fortunate that people, especially in the Spanish community speak about my playing.
Perhaps there is a sense of trust between Spanish people with regards to flamenco.
It was a Spanish person who had seen me play at another restaurant who then introduced me to this Buckinghamshire Spanish tapas bar.
Of course, this situation means that I have to always be up to standard.
The owners of the new restaurant are watching to see if I deserve my reputation.
They were very happy with my flamenco guitar playing and they gave me some of the best paella I have tried anywhere in Britain.


Memorial service

Private party for retired expert classical guitarist

Guest soloist with orchestra

Woburn Sands

Show with flamenco dancer


Tres Corazones (Wendover) St. Valentine’s Night

Tres Corazones (Wendover) Private party

The Bell at Hardwick St. Valentine’s dinner

Watermead Lakeside Festival Guitar and Castanets

Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Other locations

Denham Golf Club

Gerrards Cross Golf Club

Leighton Buzzard Golf Club

Chearsley Women’s Institute

Private parties in Amersham, Waddesdon, Winslow, Chesham, Gerrards Cross, High Wycombe, Wing and Stony Stratford

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Duets of guitar and castanets
Flamenco guitar with Spanish singer
Spanish Classical Guitar

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