Flamenco Guitarist Gloucestershire

July 15, 2020

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Flamenco Guitarist Gloucestershire

Each time I have played in Gloucestershire has been a superb experience.
So, if you are thinking of booking a flamenco guitarist in Gloucestershire, I hope my Videos and sound clips are helpful.

Cheltenham Art Gallery

Cheltenham Art Gallery were showing an exhibition of Spanish works.
The gallery felt that a flamenco guitarist would help to provide a Spanish atmosphere.
They contacted me to discuss their idea.
Their idea was for my flamenco guitar music to reflect the moods of the paintings.
To do this I arrived early and spent some time viewing the works on display.
I was sure in my own mind that I did not want to take direction from experts.
To play properly I would need to be honest with my own understanding.
From there I could take my inspiration and create the music.

The event attracted people who had a special interest in Spanish culture and especially Andalusia.
Perhaps that is not surprising.
Certainly people said that they felt that flamenco guitar was the right kind of music.
I am not sure if I take things too seriously.
Another way to approach such engagements is to simply play in the background.
Maybe sometimes that is quite sufficient.
Nonetheless I feel that I work best when understand and enjoy each event.

Spanish Event Stroud, Gloucestershire

The event organiser explained that she especially wanted flamenco dancing.
This because when living in Spain she came to know and love flamenco.

Due to this I was delighted to contract my superb flamenco dancer, Laura.
In addition to her powerful and passionate flamenco dances she played several duets of castanets and guitar.
Laura trained and performed professionally in Spain.
Consequently she gives the same high Spanish standard.
Our host told us that this was very reminiscent of the flamenco she had seen in Spain.
We were both so happy to have fulfilled expectations.

Flamenco Guitarist Gloucester Spanish Night

A lovely gentle evening of playing flamenco guitar in Gloucester.
My clients were a family who had lived and worked in Spain.
They wanted to host a Spanish evening in their garden.
After a long hot day, it was a gorgeous summer evening.
They had made absolutely authentic Spanish food and sangria.
They were a small group of close friends from Spain, Britain and other countries.
As you can imagine the atmosphere was perfect for some not too loud flamenco guitar.

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