Flamenco Guitarist Golf Clubs

January 31, 2021

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Flamenco Guitarist Golf Clubs

In this article I explain the flamenco performances that I provide to golf clubs.

There are essentially two formats

Flamenco guitarist and dancer
Solo Spanish guitar

Flamenco guitarist and dancer

This option is very popular.

The vast majority of golf clubs ask me to provide a full evening with a flamenco dancer.

This needs quite careful planning.
Flamenco dancing is very impressive.
It is also very loud.
Flamenco dancers have metal (smooth!) on the soles of their shows.
This helps to create that sharp percussive sound that is so exciting in flamenco footwork.

Audiences do love to see flamenco dancers.
Personally, I think that the powerful flamenco dances should be contrasted with after guitar solos.

I am never concerned about losing audience attention when I play the solos.
The guitar solos provide a more relaxing and welcome accompaniment to the event.

So, our show might go something like:

  1. Guitar and castanets duet
  2. Flamenco dance
  3. Spanish classical composition
  4. Solo Flamenco guitar piece
  5. Flamenco dance etc.

Thus, we build the program to provide a varied performance.

I hope that audiences will be impressed but not overpowered.

Spanish guitar solo recital

This is actually very successful.

My repertoire is very complete.
Because of this I can play a recital that includes a great many different moods and pieces.

The Spanish flamenco and classical guitar is influenced by all of these cultures:
Moorish Arabic, South American, Gypsy, Sephardic Jewish and traditional Andalusian styles.

Thus, I might play a very virtuoso and explosive Spanish Gypsy style and then a most lovely dreamy classical piece.

Spanish guitar golf club audiences

Every time I play at a golf club, I meet a number of members who know Spain quite well.
They may have worked there for several years.
Or they may have holiday homes in Spain.
Other people may not have been to Spain quiet so often but do have Spanish guitar records.

So, it is quite typical for people to approach me saying they recognise some of my pieces.

Flamenco Guitarist Golf Clubs Feedback

We just want to express our genuine admiration of your very high quality flamenco show.
Together with your flamenco dancers you gave a totally professional performance of real flamenco.
This was a much higher standard than we could have expected.
All our members were very impressed and we hope you will perform for us again.

Hire a flamenco guitarist for golf clubs

I hope that the information above has been useful.
My intention here is to give just a general idea of possibilities.

I do not have a limited set way of working.

So, please do contact me and we can discuss your particular event and what would work best

Make an enquiry

I’m based in Buckinghamshire but I love to perform all over the UK and abroad. If you have an event, wedding or party, telephone or email me to chat about your ideas.

I provide and can adapt the following flamenco guitar services to make your event extra special:

Solo flamenco guitar
Flamenco guitar with flamenco dancer(s)
Duets of guitar and castanets
Flamenco guitar with Spanish singer
Spanish Classical Guitar

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