Flamenco Guitarist London

February 26, 2021

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Flamenco Guitarist London

Flamenco Guitarist London.
In this article I am going to discuss my work as a flamenco guitarist in London.

I will explain my performances as a soloist and as part of flamenco companies.

Firstly, I will list some of the key venues where I have played flamenco guitar.

  1. Royal Albert Hall
  2. Purcell Room, Southbank
  3. Fairfield Halls, Croydon
  4. Lewisham Concert Hall/Broadway Theatre
  5. Fairkytes Art Centre

Flamenco guitar recital at the Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall contracted me to give a free lunch time recital in one of their smaller recital rooms.
My understanding is that they wanted to promote high quality music from all cultures.
They felt that I had the standard that they required.
Also most important to me they were very happy for me to play authentic flamenco.

London, an important cultural city for Flamenco

I am always very excited to play in London.
Since about 1950 London has been an important location for flamenco.

Many of the major concert halls and theatres have hosted large flamenco dance companies.
At the same time they have provided a stage for solo recitals from many of the leading  flamenco guitarists.

This has had a consequence.

A flamenco culture has grown in London, developed by people with a deep interest in this art form.

There is another reason why I enjoy playing flamenco guitar in London.

The capital city is of course a magnet for cultured people for all over the world.
Sometimes such people already have experience of flamenco.
Other times although flamenco may be new to them, they find that flamenco expresses in a ‘language’ that is not so very different to their own musical background. Because of this situation my clients can be knowledgeable and consequently demanding.
I relish the challenge because the satisfaction and reward of playing in this cultural metropolis is very high.

Authentic flamenco guitar

There is a tendency nowadays for flamenco guitarist to play popularised sounds.
This is neither good nor bad.
Personally, big amplification, electronic effects and an array of instruments and sounds that are distant from flamenco do not inspire me.
Other guitarists naturally present their music as they wish.
For me giving you my client Spanish flamenco is more important than impressing with volume etc.

Thus, I did not play to a ticket paying audience in the main auditorium.
I did nonetheless give a dignified flamenco recital at this prestigious London concert hall.

Soloist with a flamenco company

A flamenco company contracted me to play several flamenco guitar solos within their programme.
We performed at The Purcell Room, Fairfield Halls and Lewisham Concert Hall.
Although I played a small part these shows were most helpful to me.

The Daily Telegraph published a very good review.
Guitar magazine spoke well of my music.
These things helped me to get noticed.
This in turn helped me to develop my career.

Flamenco Guitar and dance at Fairkytes Arts Centre

I organised my own company for this performance.
We provided a balance of flamenco dance, guitar solos and guitar and castanet duets.

Booking Flamenco Guitarist London

Please get in touch if you would like a flamenco guitarist for your event in London.

I hope that my article on how to book a flamenco guitarist is helpful.

Make an enquiry

I’m based in Buckinghamshire but I love to perform all over the UK and abroad. If you have an event, wedding or party, telephone or email me to chat about your ideas.

I provide and can adapt the following flamenco guitar services to make your event extra special:

Solo flamenco guitar
Flamenco guitar with flamenco dancer(s)
Duets of guitar and castanets
Flamenco guitar with Spanish singer
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