Flamenco Guitarist Norfolk

July 22, 2020

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Flamenco Guitarist Norfolk

Spanish Flamenco and Classical Guitarist plays throughout Norfolk.

In this article I will give examples of my Flamenco guitar performances in Norfolk.
Although all following examples are of my solo playing, I do also work with superb flamenco dancers.
As always, I mention that you can listen to my sound clips and see my work at my Videos page.

Wedding: St. Giles House Hotel, Norwich

This was one of the most intimate, low key and relaxed weddings that I have ever played for.

You can see the review of my playing on my Wedding page, right at the bottom of the page.

The happy couple wanted a selection of traditional flamenco pieces and some Spanish classical pieces.

Firstly, they asked me to play for the ceremony at certain key points.
They explained that there would be readings and what they would be.
In discussion with the couple, I chose pieces that either complimented or contrasted with the readings.

They decided to celebrate their wedding dinner in one private room.
I think there were no more than 20 people seated around a large table.
They were very close family and friends.
There was a feeling on the room of gentle sensitive friendship.
Although I was seated at some distance the table, I was sure that I should play mainly beautiful quiet pieces.
This is not difficult to accomplish.
There are plenty of such pieces in both the flamenco and classical repertoire.
Naturally I also played several happy fun pieces.
Again, these compositions had a gentle sway rather than a overpowering presence and rhythm.

I loved playing for them and remember the event as gentle and friendly.

Spanish Wedding, Brancaster

This wedding was a Spanish woman marrying a British man.
The mood was high energy and so much happiness.
There were a great many Spanish people there.
The Spanish and non- Spanish people clearly knew each other very well and they were all great friends together.
So, there was no sense of two groups.
Everyone understood and wanted great Spanish flamenco and classical guitar playing.

The wedding ceremony was held at St. Mary’s the Virgin Church.

I discussed the music with the couple.
They explained that they wanted my playing to be good high quality entertainment.
As such, I selected some of the more complex concert standard pieces.
From the classical repertoire I played Asturias, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Vals Venezolano and Capricho Arabe.
Flamenco styles were the superb Granaina, a complex Guajira and somewhat virtuoso Bulerias.

The celebration was at Sussex Barn, Burnham Market.

Now the couple were married and there was much celebration.
We agreed that I would play anything and everything.
Consequently I played just about the entire flamenco and Spanish classical repertoire.
Some guests asked for specific pieces that they knew and especially liked.

Flamenco guitarist Norfolk theatre.

Black Cat Micro Theatre, Briston

The theatre management asked me if I could play two nights.
They wanted specifically solo flamenco guitar for about 40 minutes before their main performance.
This Norfolk theatre is quite small with a very good acoustic.
The mood in this little theatre was fabulous.
I played pieces from every part of the flamenco repertoire.
These included Moorish, Gypsy, South American and of course Andalusian.

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