Flamenco Guitarist Northamptonshire

September 1, 2020

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Flamenco Guitarist Northamptonshire

Flamenco Guitarist Northamptonshire.

In this article I give examples of the events I have played at in Northamptonshire.

I have played several restaurants in Northampton.
But most of my work is for private events throughout the region.

Most of the event organisers ask me to play solo guitar.
They often request a mixture of strong flamenco playing with contrasting softer classical pieces.

Sometimes clients request a flamenco dancer.
In such cases I work with a wonderful dancer to provide a complete flamenco show.

I hope that the videos and sound clips help to give an idea of my playing.

Solo Flamenco Guitarist Northamptonshire

I have a very special memory of playing for a gorgeous wedding in Oundle.
The couple had a very strong connection with Spain.
They knew rather a lot about flamenco.
Therefore, I was especially pleased when they booked me.
They had many guests coming from Spain and wanted authentic flamenco guitar playing.

In fact, if you pop over to my events page you can see the comment from LJG Oundle.

Flamenco Guitarist Les Olives, Northampton

My work at Les Olives deserves special mention.

Les Olives was a Spanish restaurant in Northampton.

It was in Sheep Street, one minute from the bus station and one minute from the Mayorhold Car Park.

For me for several years it was home.
I played Les Olives every Thursday night with a flamenco dancer and every Friday night either solo or often later in the evening accompanied by a very good rhythm guitarist.

Any musician will tell you that a regular one night a week job is to be embraced with both arms.
However, a regular two nights a week is practically unheard of and worth its weight in gold.

Les Olives a family restaurant

It may be a cliche but playing the guitar at Les Olives was like being part of a big family.

The restaurant was owned and run by two brothers: Ermir and Alex Sefolli.
They are of Albanian origin but have been in England for many years.
Naturally they had family members working in the restaurant either in the kitchen or waiting and bar staff.
However, they also had staff from all over the world.
I have lost count of the number of nationalities that worked there.
One thing was clear and never mind what the authorities say about employment.
Les Olives was inclusive of all people, of all genders and all shapes and sizes.

So, yes it was a family business.

Many years of success

In the early years it was hugely successful.
It was completely packed upstairs and down stairs.
There was a waiting list for people happy to eat late.

I have tried to think what factors were responsible for the popularity.

I have come up with the following.

  • Very good Spanish food with some interesting original touches from Chef Alex.

There are many Spanish restaurants in Britain.
Alex designed dishes which were Spanish and yet he added certain special ingreedients.

  • Real genuine customer care from a team lead by Ermir.

For Ermir Sefolli Les Olives was a passion.
He made time to go to the tables and check that everything was good with the customers.

  • Welcoming comfortable environment.

  • My Flamenco show, soloist or with dancers.

I am not going to be silly modest about this.
Ermir and Alex wanted a Flamenco guitarist who could play flamenco properly.
Never just some vaguely Spanish music.
Call me arrogant if you wish but I play flamenco guitar properly and by and large I was very fortunate to be able to bring very good genuine Spanish Flamenco Dancers.

Les Olives is now permanently closed

Covid and lock down has claimed many businesses.

Les Olives tried to keep going but finally it seems that it has completely closed.
I do not know if the staff have found other jobs.
In a way there is no doubt that the loss of income has been the worst consequence of Covid.

Nonetheless, on another very deep level the loss of a family home is heart breaking.

Flamenco Guitarist and Dancer

A while back I performed with a flamenco dancer for the Kimbolton Rotary Club.

They were so appreciative and organised the event so well.
We performed a selection of guitar solos, castanets and guitar duets and flamenco dances.
I noticed how cultured and attentive they were.

Spanish Meeting Market Harborough

A group of visiting Spanish scientists met for a private dinner.
They asked me to play a selection of very true non commercialised flamenco styles.
This was a very exciting event for me.
I could offer my very best pieces.
Additionally, the venue acoustics meant that I did not need amplification.
It was quite a long evening because they had a leisurely dinner with many courses.
I played the whole range of flamenco.
Thus, pieces were fast, slow, loud, quiet, abrupt, gentle.
I played in every key and used all of the most authentic flamenco chords and harmonies.

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