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June 28, 2020

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Flamenco Guitarist Performing in Sussex

Flamenco Guitarist in Sussex

I am very fortunate to perform for many events in Sussex.

Quite often I play flamenco guitar in concert.
Although certainly I do also play for private events.

Perhaps you might find it helpful to read this article in conjunction with my Videos and sound clips.

Clients tell me that being able to watch my videos and listen to my sound files is helpful to them.

More than anything else my clients make their decisions based upon what they can see and hear.

I hope the following written information is informative and helpful.

Flamenco Guitarist Sussex Feedback

Here is feedback from a client in Sussex

Thank you for coming down to Arundel to play for my birthday party last Saturday.
You were Fantastic.
Many people commented on your music.
One of our friends is now thinking of having a Spanish evening at the barn with guitar, flamenco dancing, paella etc. as he thought you were so good.
Thanks again for making it a truly memorable evening.

Brighton Festival

Needless to say, I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity.
There is a very strong community of guitarists and indeed guitar makers around the Brighton area.

I understand that it was those luthiers and guitarists who put my name forward for the Brighton Festival.

They of course know about guitars and guitarists.

They felt that flamenco guitar playing would be a positive contribution to the music programme. 

Perhaps they also thought that my playing was of sufficient standard for this very successful festival.

Consequently, the festival invited to give a solo flamenco guitar recital.

I gave my concert in a large church.
It was completely sold out and I confess I was quite nervous.

The audience included a number of guitarists, flamenco dancers and flamenco experts.

Fortunately, the acoustics were so good.
This is important not simply because amplification is not needed.

More importantly, good acoustics facilitate good playing.
When you do not have to struggle with acoustics you can let the guitar sing out without having to force the tone.

A great many Spanish people came to the concert.
Brighton is known to have a very large Spanish community.

In fact, a flamenco dancer approached me and we decided to work together on a number of projects.

I am grateful to the Spanish people for their vociferous applause and after concert comments.
However, as I always say I play my Spanish flamenco guitar for all people from all backgrounds.

Artelium Wine Estate Private Party

Summer of 2022, a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze, 50 or so family and friends gathered to celebrate a birthday.

It was an idyllic day.

People were seated outside surrounded by beautiful views.

I had been allocated a place in the shade.

People came over to chat about my music and to mention pieces that they liked.
No pressure but one person especially liked my playing of Asturias by Isaac Albeniz.

I loved playing for this party. Very special memories.

The Little Theatre, Lewes, Sussex

A theatre company was putting on a performance of Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca.

My understanding is that someone in the guitar community recommended me.
Additionally a theatre member had attended one of my concerts.

The director believed very strongly that a flamenco guitarist should be on stage almost for the entire production.
Thus, it was clear that I would have to work hard to compose music.

Flamenco guitar music throughout the Spanish play

There were three key points.

During dialogue, no dialogue but actors in stage, scene changes, off stage to give a distant sound.

Nowadays people are quite familiar with flamenco guitar music.
Therefore, you cannot simply play a few standard pieces.

I would not want to do that anyway.
The director insisted that I needed to be present throughout all of the rehearsals.

My responsibility was to create flamenco guitar music organically.
That is to say as the play was developing, rather than any pre determined ideas.

I do work with theatre companies for time to time.

The fact that creative people are so well disposed to flamenco is so encouraging.
Such work does however come with challenges and difficulties.

The key is to incorporate authentic flamenco guitar playing into a Spanish play in English.
It is important to ensure that flamenco music works with the play.

Worthing Pavilion Theatre

A very good flamenco dancer contacted me.

She explained that she was building a large flamenco company.

At first, she thought I might be good to play solos.
However, when we met, she felt that I should also accompany her for several dances.

She was very creative and had her own ideas.
Sometimes she was happy for me to provide traditional flamenco guitar accompaniment.

But she needed a more unique sound for some of the choreographies.
So, although I have a lifetime of accompanying flamenco dancers, I always learn something new.

West Sussex Guitar Club

Flamenco guitar recital for West Sussex Guitar Club.
This highly professional guitar club is run by Classical Guitarist Sasha Levtov.

For many years the club has put on concerts with exceptionally talented up and coming guitarists as well as established concert performers.
In fact, students of Sasha Levtov have progressed to international careers.

The club in a very tangible way encourages new players.
It organises events, competitions and prizes.
Thus, guitar playing is rewarding and fascinating for all age groups.

As such, I am so very pleased to have been invited to perform for them.
They gave me no less than three dates over the years.
I knew I would be playing in front of a demanding yet encouraging audience.

The first two were solo recitals and I gave a flamenco guitar workshop for members.
The third was a flamenco show together with my flamenco dancers.

Other flamenco guitar performances in Sussex

Chichester Yacht Club

A show with a flamenco singer/dancer

Private Parties



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