For Sale Gerundino 1990 Machine Heads

I have a flamenco guitar by Gerundino from 1990 with machine heads for sale.

As with all my flamenco guitars this is Cipres with spruce face or what people call blanca.

You can hear this guitar on all the sound clips on this web site and you can see a video of me playing the slow section from Zapateado en Re  by Sabicas which I think allows us to really appreciate the quality of tone of this beautiful flamenco guitar.

It has the very typical Gerundino sound and with just a little warmth which I think that you can hear in the video and especially in my Rondeña and maybe Rumba on this site but it also has full power which can be heard in the Bulería and the Soleares.

It is incredibly comfortable with just the right string tension so that the strings are always where you want them and never difficult to play.

I can play it for hours and never get tired.