Gerundino 1977 Pegs for Sale

I have a Gerundino 1977 Peg Head Flamenco Guitar for sale.

You may like to see this video of me playing this guitar at the Festival Nacional del Cante de Las Minas, La Union, Murcia.

This is a very helpful video for you the potential buyer. The sound quality is appallingly bad, the video breaks up and the visual quality is also very poor. I am not the best flamenco guitarist in the world

And with all that this Gerundino sounds so good it is almost unbelievable.

This guitar is a part of a history that is finished perhaps for ever. Gerundino is no longer with us and as far as I know flamenco guitars are not being made like this anymore.

This sound is deep, profound, dark, lamenting, forceful like there is something pushing out from the inside.

This Gerundino Flamenco guitar will not be sold by post. You will have to meet me and play the guitar for some time to decide if it is right for you. Not to decide if it is good or how good.

I do not think that we are going to find a better flamenco guitar in these times that we now live.

Contact me by e mail if you are genuinly interested and able to buy such a flamenco guitar.