Gerundino Flamenco For Sale

May 7, 2021

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Gerundino Flamenco For Sale

Gerundino Flamenco For Sale.

I have three guitars of Gerundino, all blancas, all fabulous.
I can sell one of them.

They are:

  1. Gerundino Flamenco Guitar with pegs 1977
  2. Gerundino machine heads 1990
  3. Gerundino 1996

Videos and sound clips of Gerundino Guitars

On my videos page you can see short examples of these guitars.

I play the Gerundino 1996 in the Colombiana, Zorongo, Campanilleros and Cuatro Muleros.
I play the Gerundino 1990 in the Zapateado en Re.

If you visit my YouTube page you can find a video called Festival del Cante de Las Minas, Tarantas.
In that video I play the Gerundino 1977.

I recorded all of the sound clips on this site with the Gerundino 1990.

Descriptions of Flamenco Guitars

I notice that shops and individuals selling guitars tend to describe them.
Perhaps the seller thinks they need to market the instrument.
Likewise maybe buyers come to expect these impressions of the guitar.
Although this is not something that I share I will try to say a few words here in case they are helpful to you.

The 1977 peghead has the darkest most lamenting sound.
You can hear this in the video where I play ‘tarantas’.
Originally that was a video tape of my live performance at La Union.
After some years, I found someone to convert it to a DVD.
The original tape had been damaged.

Even with all these difficulties I think that you can hear what a powerful emotional guitar it is.

The 1990 is much sweeter.
You can notice this on my video of Zapateado en Re.
The trebles are lovely and they encourage beautiful playing.
Yet there is real flamenco force in the basses.
Again, the sound clips give a good idea of the characteristics of this guitar.

Of the 1996 Gerundino I can say that the sound is quite similar to the more recent Paco Peña recordings.
It is bright, loud, pushy with crystalline trebles.
The bass feels almost like a drum.

Flamenco Guitar Dimensions

When I started playing flamenco guitar, I don’t think we even understood what a dimension was.

We certainly seemed to have no interest in guitar dimensions.
Gradually that started to change.

Writers in guitar specific publications started to interview guitar makers.
To give them their correct name luthier in English and guitarrero in Spanish.
These luthiers would explain the key elements of their craft.

It was actually very fascinating and so we guitarists started to take an interest in the specific characteristics of flamenco guitars.
At the same time, we wanted to know what made one flamenco guitar from a certain luthier so very different to the guitar from another luthier.
However, I think that we came to understand that all this information didn’t actually help us to choose a flamenco guitar.

You just had to play the guitar.
That was and is the real test.
String scale length, height at 12th fret and at bridge didn’t really tell you very much.
I would say that in the flamenco guitar all of these individual calculations work together.

Actually, finding a guitar comfortable and liking its mood is in my opinion quite subjective.

Gerundino Flamenco Guitars Prices

I have not decided yet but am interested to listen to offers.

Conditions of Sale

I will only sell to genuine flamenco guitarists who now how to appreciate these guitars.
Additionally, I will be very careful to make sure that my Gerundino goes to a good home.
It is vital that you try the guitar yourself as I will never sell by post.

Make an enquiry

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