Gin and Vino Flamenco Guitar

February 28, 2022

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Gin and Vino Flamenco Guitar

Wednesday 09 March 2022

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Wednesday 23 March 2022

7:30pm to 9:30 pm

Gin and Vino

16 Cornmarket, Thame


I will play a selection of flamenco pieces. Some with flamenco passion and others sweet and gentle.

I am very much looking forward to playing flamenco guitar at Gin and Vino in Thame.
Following the sell out success of the first event I am honoured to be re booked to play again on Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

We have discussed this various times and I know that the owners have spared no effort to  make this a truly wonderful evening for their customers.

Please click on their link above to visit their site where you can find more information on the event and their selection of gin, wine and food.

Gin and Vino Flamenco Guitar Music

I am going to select my pieces very carefully.
Naturally, I will try to gauge the mood and play appropriately.
Therefore, the following is just a guide.

I will start the evening gently with some beautiful and quiet Spanish classical pieces.
My personal reference is for pieces that have sufficient substance to be interesting.
Yet at the same time I feel that they should not be too over complicated.

Gradually, I will move on to flamenco.
When we see the word flamenco we tend to think loud, robust, passionate and virtuoso.
Yes, indeed flamenco music does include all of these.

But I think that they will be better towards the end of the evening.
At first, I plan to play some of the softer perhaps we can say ‘mystical’ types of flamenco.
In this way the music is present without being too overpowering.

Will my flamenco guitar music be high- brow and kind of intellectual?

The honest answer is yes and no.
I am blessed to be engaged to play for cultured people.

As such, they do not need me to thump the music out.
They do enjoy some complex compositions.

At the same time, they want to enjoy some lovely melodies and some good rhythm.


I hope that was not too serious and academic.
It is going to be a beautiful relaxed evening and I will play my very best pieces.

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