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March 22, 2021

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Hire a Flamenco Dancer

Hire a Flamenco Dancer.
In this article I am going to provide information on my wonderful flamenco dancers.

Although I am a flamenco guitarist, flamenco dancers are a source of great inspiration.
Here I explain how they work, what they can offer, their needs and hiring them.
Perhaps you might like to look at the dedicated Flamenco dancer page.
Likewise, several of my videos feature flamenco dancers.

Flamenco Dancer for events

Quite often clients contact me looking for a flamenco dancer for their event.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Weddings
  2. Golf Clubs
  3. Sports Clubs
  4. Rotary Clubs
  5. Women’s Institutes
  6. Spanish Themed Events
  7. Corporate Events
  8. Private Parties
  9. Hen Parties
  10. Spanish Cultural Groups
  11. Tapas and Paella Events

The Flamenco Dance Show

If you specifically request a flamenco dancer then naturally the dance will the main focus.
My dancers put so much energy into each of their dances.
Because of this they ask me to play a solo in between each dance.
This gives them a necessary break.
Furthermore, it provides variety for your event.

Flamenco dance costumes

My flamenco dancers dress in professional flamenco costumes hand made in Spain.
These they combine with a number of accessories, such as shawls, flamenco earings and decorative combs.
Where possible they like to change costume throughout the show.

What flamenco dancers need

A wooden floor is a prerequisite for flamenco dance.
This is because the footwork can only be heard on wood.
Dancers need a suitable place to get changed.

Flamenco dancers’ availability

My flamenco dancers come from Spain to Britain for a season or two.
Sometimes they stay longer.
The photos on this website are of permanent flamenco dancers.
As such in nearly every case the dancer you see is the same one that will perform.
I will always let you know if another flamenco dancer is available.
My dancers ask me to organise this for them.
When they first arrive, they may still be developing their English language skills.

Getting in touch to hire a flamenco dancer

Please do contact me here by e mail or phone. I will answer all your questions so that you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Make an enquiry

I’m based in Buckinghamshire but I love to perform all over the UK and abroad. If you have an event, wedding or party, telephone or email me to chat about your ideas.

I provide and can adapt the following flamenco guitar services to make your event extra special:

Solo flamenco guitar
Flamenco guitar with flamenco dancer(s)
Duets of guitar and castanets
Flamenco guitar with Spanish singer
Spanish Classical Guitar

Landline: 01296 651164

Mobile: 07873 269124

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