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September 13, 2017

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Hire a flamenco guitarist in Scotland

If you would like to hire a flamenco guitarist in Scotland, I hope this post is helpful.

I have performed for several events in Scotland.

Here are some examples.

Dumfries and Galloway Festival

I gave a number of flamenco performances together with a flamenco dancer.

This is a rural festival.

As such rather than perform at one large venue in the town centre, we performed at several rather remote locations.

In this way music is taken to the people.

I found it quite magical.

Audiences were very appreciative.

To a certain extent I think they were happy that musicians would go out to them.

We both loved playing for this festival.

Grampian Television Music Series

Grampian contacted me with the following idea.

They were making an episode with the Spanish Galician bagpipe player Carlos Nuñez.

As you may know the bagpipes is the instrument of Galicia.

Carlos already played with flamenco guitarists in Spain.

Certain Galician pieces and Andalusian flamenco styles work very well together.

So, I tried as best as I could to accompany his music with my flamenco guitar.

We were also joined by a superb Scottish group called Capercaillie.

I was so excited to work with such eminent musicians and remember the experience with great happiness.

Dundee Guitar Festival

The Dundee Guitar Festival is lead my maestro Scottish Classical guitarist Allan Neave.

Allan works tirelessly to produce a serious high quality guitar festival.

My concert was at an art centre.

I was somewhat surprised at the number of Spanish people present.

Everyone in the audience was warm but more I felt they were excited.

They had come out to have a great time.

As you can imagine that really inspires any performer.

Flamenco, specifically is all about the emotion, passion and excitement in the music.


I have loved every time that I have played in Scotland.

The people made me feel welcome.

Although they have their own very strong musical culture, they are very happy to receive flamenco music.

Getting in touch to hire a flamenco guitarist in Scotland

If you are thinking of going ahead and want to hire a flamenco guitarist in Scotland please contact me.

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I will be very happy to discuss your event and your own musical preferences.

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