Pablo Requena Flamenco Guitar Review

I own and frequently play a Pablo Requena Flamenco guitar made in 2005.

spanish version

I bought the guitar directly from Pablo in 2005 when it was brand new or “just out of the oven” as some luthiers say.

I immediately knew that it was fantastic and that is important to me when buying a guitar. Although it is often true that you cannot appreciate the full qualities of a guitar until it has been played for some time and its sound “opens” nonetheless I would never consider buying a guitar that does not impress me regardless of how new it is.

The Pablo Requena Flamenco guitar bursts into sound and is very immediate. The sound is very flamenco with growling percussive basses and incisive trebles. It feels like it vibrates with energy. Very soon after buying it and playing it a few times I began to notice that it can produce very sweet sounds in addition to very sorrowful sounds. It is very good for accompanying flamenco dance because of the forcefulness and ample volume that is especially present in “rajeo”.

I find it exceptionally comfortable to play. The tension of the strings for the right hand is perfect for me; neither sloppy nor over tight. When I play a note I feel like the string supports my finger and sounds immediately and yet bounces back (“rebote”)  ready to be activated with the next note.  This makes it very good for fast passages with repeated notes such as tremolo or picado. The left hand is equally comfortable and I feel that it is easy to play ligado with a minimum of effort and a maximum of music being produced.

It works perfectly with every guitar string make that I have tried. Currently I prefer Luthier Blue Set 30 Concert Silver Medium/ High Tension.

If for any reason I do not play it for a period, for example when back in Spain playing other guitars this guitar never “goes to sleep” and is ready for playing straight out of the case.

All of the guitarists who have seen and played this Requena guitar have been very impressed and recently one of my students has bought one and is delighted.

You can hear this guitar on my You Tube page and Bulerías might be interesting in that it starts slow and gently but then changes to loud and energetic.

Here is a photo of this Pablo Requena Flamenco Guitar and it is easy to recognise from the distinctive black and white rosette around the sound hole.


Pablo Requena Flamenco Guitar