Paco de Lucia and Paco Pena Music in St. Albans

I had the exceptional pleasure of performing a recital of music by Paco de Lucia and  Paco Pena or to spell in Spanish Paco de Lucía and Paco Peña for a private event in St. Albans.

Loving playing flamenco guitar


Sometimes quite unexpected things happen.

I was booked to play flamenco guitar music for a private event in St. Albans and at first I thought it would be alright because it always is.

People who hire me to play flamenco guitar music at their events generally know what they are booking.

These clients knew rather more!  You can read the e mails that I received from them on my Testimonials page .

Additionally they posted reviews of the event on my Last Minute Musicians profile.

The joy of Flamenco


They were a couple who had visited Andalucia several times and had made a point of looking out for authentic flamenco.

They told me that they particularly liked Paco de Lucia and Paco Pena and this was exciting news.

It gave me the opportunity to play the music that I really love.

I was very pleased at the reactions I received.

One of the guests had seen Paco Pena live at his first concert in Brighton and she recognised the pieces that I played.


Flamenco Guitarist at a Spanish Wedding

For me and perhaps for any musician it is very rewarding when we can see that our music is meaningful to our listeners.

  • Another guest I noticed was very in tune with the rhythm and feeling of the pieces.
  • Many years ago when Paco Pena first started playing in Britain and in other countries outside of Spain I think it was somewhat more difficult.
  • Quite naturally people did not understand the ‘language’ of flamenco but a great deal has happened over the years in terms of people becoming more familiar with a variety of musical expressions.

I am indebted to Paco Pena for his pioneering work that has paved the way for flamenco guitarists to play traditional authentic flamenco guitar music and be understood outside of Spain.

After the event I heard that there were some guitarists present and that might explain why some guests seem to pay a great deal of attention.

This never puts me off in the slightest; I love that there are guitarists present as indeed any music lovers.


Flamenco at wine tasting event

Spanish Guitar

It was a wonderful experience for me to play all my favourite flamenco pieces for a great audience.