Prostate Cancer Flamenco Charity Concert

I will play a concert of Flamenco guitar solos and duets of guitar and castanets with the wonderful flamenco dancer Rocío Gómez.

Date: Monday 25th June 2018

Time: 1 pm to 1.45 pm

Place: St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford, OX1 3EY

Price: Free, includes tea or coffee

Donations: all donations to:

Prostate Cancer UK  

Why? Prostate cancer either kills men or can often make their lives dreadful while they try to live with it.

The death is painful, agonising and traumatic both for the men and for those who love them.

What medical help you get depends on where you live.

Specifically, some hospitals can offer the most advanced diagnostic methods and treatment methods but most hospitals cannot.

Private hospitals and doctors can always offer more than NHS.

In every single case the urologists are working with an imperfect situation.

The tests that are currently available are far from perfect.

Once the doctors think that you do have prostate cancer and: wait a minute listen very carefully: false negative means that no cancer has been detected but in fact yes you do have cancer, false positive means the presence of cancer has been indicated but in fact you do not have cancer, then the treatments are not great.

Each treatment can and does have negative side effects.

Why are they called side effects?!!!

There is nothing on the side about these effects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are very present, very in the foreground, very real indeed.

You may well get incontinence which can be temporary but often is permament.

What does the word incontinence mean?

Well, it means maybe your daughter tells you that she is getting married and she wants her daddy to walk her down the aisle, or maybe she is graduating from her PhD and she wants daddy to be there.

OK so daddy puts on his best light grey suit which is a very bad idea because totally out of his control he pisses himself down his trouser leg, which kind of doesn’t look so great for his little girl on her big day.

Or maybe it is his son’s wedding or graduation and his wonderful son man has to say to all his friends sorry about my dad pissing himself, he is not drunk, just incontinent you know.

Of course, there is a way around it. Daddy can wear a huge nappy under his trousers which will have to be two sizes too big to accommodate it.

Are we beggining to get away from the polite after dinner chat and a bit closer to the reality of prostate cancer?

Then there is impotency or what nowadays people call erectile dysfunction.

What this means is that you cannot get an erection, not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

No sex please we have had prostate cancer treatments.

With the children off doing their own thing there is more time to spend intimately with your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or whoever you spend your intimate time with.

The only problem is if they happen to be feeling rather romantic there will not be any love making any time soon.

For those of you reading this who are in your 20’s or 30’s let me tell you, making love is something that people want to do all their lives.

You don’t suddenly get bored with it over the age of 50.

Then of course there is the long list of infections that you can get from needle biopsies (they shoot a large needle through your anus at least 12 times into your prostate so as to take samples of prostate tissue). Do you fancy it?

You can get infections from the treatments as well.

The situation for men with prostate cancer is appalling.

That is why I will be giving the concert on Monday 25th June.

So as to try to get money and awareness so that we men can one day maybe have lives that are not so destroyed by prostate cancer.