Retirement Village Flamenco Dance and Guitar Show

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of performing a flamenco show together with the charismatic flamenco dancer Samantha.

Samantha has a skill for detecting the mood and performing to that mood and so she selected wonderful dances that clearly gave so much pleasure to our audience.

She also accompanied me with castanets and with her Nigerian drum.

The people at this retirement home in Berkshire were very alert and you could see how they understood and enjoyed the flamenco performance.

In fact, several people approached us afterwards and told us how they had either lived in or frequently visited Spain on holiday or for business.

While in Spain they had attended various flamenco concerts and our work reminded them of what they had seen.

I was especially happy that some people knew the names of some of my pieces or recognised them from concerts that they had attended.

The coordinators working at the retirement village were especially kind to us; greeting us and helping us to get set up and locating changing rooms and once we had finished they gave us a really good dinner; a selection of very well cooked Spanish dishes and whatever we wanted to drink.

Lovely evening, great memories.