Rugby School Spanish Themed Event with Flamenco Guitar and Dance

I provided a performance of solo flamenco guitar compositions as well as accompanying a flamenco dancer for a Spanish event at Rugby School.

Flamenco at wine tasting event

Spanish Guitar


The dinner was provided by Chef Graham Ogden who created many dishes that expressed events in Spanish history.

  • Because of this I decided to select flamenco pieces that I felt were in accordance with the theme that Chef was building.
  • Sometimes when performing for Spanish themed dinners I anticipate that those present will be primarily fascinated with the flamenco dancer, the exciting footwork, graceful arms and intricate castanet playing and indeed the highly skilled flamenco dancer Samantha most certainly got a lot of attention.
  • I have worked several times with Samantha and every single time she completely thows herself into the dance.
  • It is hardly surprising that I imagined that perhaps people would be  a little less interested in my flamenco guitar playing; after all a man seated and intently obsessed with the tone and every nuance of his guitar would not normally be  as spectacular as the dancer’s energetic presence on stage.

The joy of Flamenco


Once again what a joy for me to receive such genuine applause and frankly complimentary comments about my playing.

I wonder if a thing is developing.

  • By now people have heard quite a lot of flamenco and I think that people are coming to understand and connect to the way flamenco music is expressed; not just the emotion which of course will always be able to touch people but also increasingly with the structure of the pieces.
  • People are becoming more and more familiar with how flamenco is put together and are both more discerning and more appreciative.
  • Certainly I am finding that my clients are booking me especially because I do not water down, sugar up or modify authentic flamenco and neither do I make it unnecessarily inaccessible.
  • That is to say not excessively hard just for the sake of it or pretenciosly complicated just to score points, just to somehow prove that flamenco is not simple.

I think people already get that and as such do not need the flamenco guitar player to labour the point.

Tomás Jiménez shows chord

Flamenco Guitar Skill


I am so very happy that I can play as I think is right and have my playing appreciated and valued.