Spanish Classical Guitar Music

January 2, 2021

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Spanish Classical Guitar Pieces

Although I am a flamenco guitarist, I also love Spanish Classical Guitar Music.

Because of this I am always more than happy to include Spanish classical pieces in my performances.
In fact, for many people a softer classical piece makes a wonderful contrast to the robust flamenco style.

By offering both I can provide a balance.
Each piece feels fresh and different to the preceding mood.

Of, course if you are really sure that you want exclusively flamenco I will be delighted to oblige.
The flamenco repertoire is very extensive. As such I can build a very varied enjoyable recital for you.

All of my classical compositions are by Spanish or South American composers.
Most certainly there are many wonderful compositions by non Spanish composers.
But I feel that I must play music I really understand; music that is natural to me.

Spanish Classical Guitar Pieces Videos and Sound Clips

At the moment all of my videos and sound clips are of flamenco pieces.
I plan to add Spanish classical guitar pieces soon.
Nonetheless, the flamenco examples do include some pieces which are quite soft and lovely.

Spanish Classical Guitar Compositions

Here are a few examples of Spanish Classical Guitar Music from my repertoire.

Asturias by Isaac Albeniz

Such an incredibly exciting piece.

This is one of the best known Spanish pieces.
Consequently many people have heard it.

It builds in waves of increasing emotion.
Then quite suddenly there is a break and a complete change of emotion.
The music becomes mysterious.
There is a feeling of suspense as we wonder what is going to happen next.
The opening theme returns with increased power.
Finally, this composition closes with a quiet distant memory of the passion throughout.

Recuerdos de La Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega

This Memories from the Alhambra is also very well known.
It is frequently used for television programmes and in movies.
The tremolo technique is used to create a lovely gentle flowing melody.

Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega

It seems that Tarrega may have been inspired by Arabic music.
Capricho seems to contain scales and moods that we associate with Arabic music.

Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega

Literally teardrop, this is a simple and sweet tune.

Adelita by Francisco Tarrega

Again, a short sweet tune which is beautiful in contrast ot the bigger pieces.

Classical Spanish Guitar Pieces from South America

La Paloma by Sebastian Yradier (arranged by F. Tarrega)

This old Mexican song is still recognised.
In fact, most popular singers have included it in their repertoires.
I play the solo guitar arrangement by Tarrega.

Vals Venezolano by Antonio Lauro

Antonio Lauro, guitarist and composer.
He composed a number of pieces in the style of the Venezuelan waltz.

Scherzino Mexicano by Manuel Ponce

Another slow gentle melody with some unexpected modulations.

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