Spanish Evening with Tomás Jiménez

August 9, 2023

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Spanish Evening with Tomás Jiménez

Saturday 03 February 2024

18:00 to 23:00

The Relais Henley

Henley-on-Thames, RG9 2AR

To book: or 01491 523 288

Spanish Evening with Tomás Jiménez

The Relais, Henley are advertising as follows: Spanish Night with Tomás Jiménez.

This immediately tells us a great deal.

The Relais are about providing excellence to their customers and demanding high standards from the musicians that they engage.

Naming me shows that they are not just putting on some tapas (check their menu on the link!) and having any guitar player in the background.

It is clear to me that they expect concert standard Flamenco guitar music.

They initially asked a Jazz musician for help and advice on locating a flamenco guitarist.

Whereas Jazz and Flamenco are different languages with share mutual respect.

In my subsequent conversation with The Relais it was clear to me that it was important to them to book a flamenco guitarist who plays authentic Spanish music to a high professional standard.

Tomás Jiménez Flamenco Guitar Recital at The Relais Henley

Given the very high standard of this event I am planning my recital as follows:

The early stage:

To allow customers to become accustomed to the sound of my flamenco guitar I will begin my recital with some of the following pieces:

From the Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega I shall select Recuerdos de La Alhambra, Capricho Arabe and Prelude in E Minor. 

I may also play the ever popular Romance Anonimo.

For people who perhaps are not yet familiar with Spanish classical music I state as follows:

I choose pieces which while being of some weight and complexity in their execution are nonetheless very enjoyable to listen to.

The second stage:

I will begin to present some of the more romantic and softer flamenco pieces.

These will include Granaína, Alegrías de Córdoba, Zambra Mora and Zorongo Gitano.

The third and final stage of my recital:

I will now enjoy playing the more robust flamenco styles contrasted with some sweeter compositions of South American origin.

These will include Farruca, Fandangos, Soleares, Tientos y Tangos Flamencos, Bulerias, Guajira, Rumba and Colombiana.

Tomás Jiménez Videos and Audio Files

I hope that you might enjoy my dedicated videos page and the audio files that you can listen to from any point on this site.

Of course, I can never show my full repertoire in just a few short examples but I do hope that they serve to provide a flavour of the music that I will play at The Relais Henley.

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