Spanish Event Flamenco Dancer and Guitarist

I was booked through and agency together with a flamenco dancer to provide an evening of flamenco dancing and guitar playing for a private party for one of their clients.


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In fact it turned out that the party was not so much a Spanish themed event as in fact a Spanish party; that is to say an event with a great many Spanish people.

When Spanish people hire me for an event this is usually very good news and this occasion was no exception.

It does not follow that just because people are Spanish that they will necessarily know about Spanish culture and flamenco music and dance in particular but when they hire performers to provide this kind of Spanish Flamenco performance it does often mean that they are very familiar with flamenco.

Our hosts and their guests for the evening were fabulously appreciative of the flamenco dances, guitar solos and duets of guitar and castanets.

It is important to point out that the non Spanish people were absolutely wonderful, they genuinely respected and enjoyed the guitar and dance and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to have performed for all the people present on that wonderful evening.


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Of course people applauded as audiences do but they also approached us with interesting questions and comments on our work in addition to requesting certain Spanish flamenco pieces that they knew and loved.

It is always great to be able to play the requests that people have and if I know in advance sometimes I can learn a specific composition if it is not already in my repertoire.

The flamenco dancer who worked with me on this event and indeed who is often my first choice was superlative.

She felt inspired by the atmosphere and she danced so well. I will add photos but wish I also had a short video clip of her dancing on that evening. On another occasion, I will try to make sure that I get a recording of some of the performance.

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For now we have a very happy memory of being hired to perform flamenco for this Spanish event and hope that the memory is shared by those people present.