Spanish Flamenco Guitarist for your Spanish Tapas/Paella Event

Spanish Flamenco Guitarist for your Spanish Tapas Event

Loving playing flamenco guitar


I offer a recital of passionate flamenco pieces contrasted with more gentle Spanish classical pieces in accordance with your musical preferences.

(If you are more interested in Flamenco Dance perhaps you might enjoy this article where I explain my performances with flamenco dancers)

Did you know that way back at the end of the 19th Century it was considered very much the right thing to invite a flamenco guitarist, perhaps with flamenco dancer and singer to perform for day or evening food tasting and dining events.

The joy of Flamenco


There are various sound clips and videos on this website that give non exhaustive examples  of some of the flamenco music that I play.

I also play some very lovely Spanish classical pieces which I can include for my recital at your event if these are to your taste. In every case I like to discuss the repertoire with the client to ensure that I play the pieces of Spanish Flamenco and Classical music that they would like to hear.

The Classical pieces often offer a welcome gentle contrast to the more energetic Flamenco pieces.

Flamenco Guitarist at a Spanish Wedding


Here is a very brief list of some of my favourite Spanish classical pieces with composer and the name of each piece:

Isaac Albéniz ( 29 May 1860- 18 May 1909)
Asturias also known as Leyenda

Some people find it quite astonishing that Albéniz composed this hugely powerful and virtuoso work in about 1892.

It was written originally for piano but it is very well known as a classical guitar arrangement.

It is one of those timeless pieces that always seems to grab our attention.

Francisco Tárrega ( 21 November 1852-15 December 1909)
Recuerdos de La Alhambra

This piece which we can translate as meaning Memories from La Alhambra and refers to the Moorish palace of that name in Granada is a most exceptionally beautiful tremolo piece. The tremolo is a Classical and Flamenco guitar technique whereby a note is repeated in rapid succession which has the effect of extending that note and making its duration longer so that to a certain extent the guitar can attempt to produce some of the effects that we associate with bowed instruments such as Violin or Cello.

The piece is so lovely and has been used endlessly in films and for introduction of otherwise Television series.

Capricho árabe

In English perhaps we can say Arabic Capriccio or Caprice. It is once again lovely and is played in D with the lowest E string lowered two semitones to D. It is sometimes described as having a sence of gentle mystery.

Antonio Lauro (3 August 1917-18 April 1986)
Vals Venezolano No 3

Lauro was a Venezuelan guitarist and composer and he composed a number of Venezuelan Waltzes. This particular waltz he named after his daughter Natalia. I am extremely fortunate in that I was able to see Antonio Lauro play all his compositions live at a concert that he gave at the Wigmore Hall in London and which if I remember correctly was organsied by the flamenco guitarist Paco Pena (Peña) and the Classical guitarist John Williams.

I love this piece not only because it is very impressive and virtuoso but in fact because more importantly it contains a lot of wonderful variations and melodies. It is complex but not inaccesible at all.

Joao Pernambuco (2 November 1883-16 October 1947)
Sons de Carrilhoes or in English Sound of Bells

This is one of those compositions that again shows us that people have always loved fun, rhythmical music with lots of speed and counter rhythms and that by being considered classical in no way whatsoever does that mean that it is tedious or over dry.

Pernambuco was a Brazilian composer and this Sound of Bells could be thought of as the Lambada of the day.

With specific reference to flamenco; in Andalucía, the birth place of flamenco in the south of Spain there were venues called ‘ventas’. Essentially these were simple family restaurants that often promoted local produce such as cured meats: chorizo, jamón serrano or local cheeses and local wines.

It was felt that if there was a flamenco guitarist in the corner or even a full flamenco show that this would create a happy atmosphere which would encourage people to come back and would thus be good for business.

But it was not only about the peseta. The restaurant owners really did like and respect flamenco and wanted to be able to offer high quality flamenco provided by authentic professional standard flamenco guitarists, dancers and singers.

We can provide genuine real flamenco for your event.

Right here in Britain you can provide a little of the atmosphere of traditional Andalucía.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.