Spanish Guitar Drinks Reception Arundel Sussex

Magical experience playing the guitar for an event just outside of Arundel.

The joy of Flamenco


The setting gave perfect acoustics and a beautiful landscape.

It was a barn buit like a chapel that has been converted to be used for events.

I played under the arches so to speak, surrounded by stone walls but with one side open showing extensive views over fields and hills.

I had taken my high- quality microphones and amplifier but these were not needed because the natural acoustics were ideal. I wanted to be heard and for the sound to carry a little way but not for the sound to be so overwhelming as to overshadow the event.

There are certain situations and environments when a loud volume is appropriate but it is not always the case.


Loving playing flamenco guitar for this event


My host has loved the sound of the Spanish guitar all her life and so it was important to her that there should be beautiful, sensitive Spanish guitar music playing in the background.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to try to provide just that.

On this occasion, I used my outstanding Pablo Requena Flamenco Guitar which has a sweet tone and yet very powerful projection. I also find that it responds exceptionally well after a long hot drive in the car.

We, guitarists, do not like our guitars to get overheated in cars and with this intense summer heat that the UK is enjoying there is a risk that a guitar can feel kind of damp and sluggish.

Fortunately, I do not have that problem; the Requena is ready to go straight out of the case.


Flamenco Guitarist at a Magical Event


The event guests were lovely people and several made a point of coming over to me to chat about my music which I thought was very kind as it would have been perfectly alright for them to have simply done their own thing, having my guitar music as a background.


Flamenco Dancer and Guitarist for Spanish Party


I had a brief chat about maybe going back one day together with my flamenco dancers and singers and I would love to do that.