Spanish Guitar Drinks Reception Arundel Sussex

August 6, 2018

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Flamenco Guitar For Drinks Reception Arundel

Flamenco Guitar for Drinks Reception Arundel

Magical experience playing the guitar for an event just outside of Arundel.

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I never record at private events unless the hosts especially ask me to do so.
However, I hope that my Videos and sound clips are helpful.

In this case the party host just wanted me to play flamenco guitar for the drinks reception.

It was not a wedding but a private celebration.
Actually, the drinks reception was quite long.
However it was also quite relaxed with people arriving over two hours.
Several people did stop to chat with me.
I guess flamenco guitar was an unexpected surprise.
So, it was all quite informal and friendly.

Flamenco guitar in an idyllic setting

The setting was astonishing for flamenco guitar playing.
It was kind of like under the arches.
Or put another way it was like a stone area under the main building.
Nonetheless it was on ground level, not underneath.
This gave superb acoustics.
Open and clean with just a hint of natural echo. Not faked reverb.
As I sat there playing my flamenco pieces I could look out over a lovely landscape.
Very typically English.
Green fields extending as far as you can see.
Such an environment is both relaxing and inspiring.

Choosing flamenco guitar music for drinks reception.

I enjoyed playing some of my most beautiful sensitive repertoire.

My host told me that she loved the sound of the Spanish guitar.
It was important to her that I should play beautiful, sensitive Spanish guitar music in the background.
I do find it helpful when clients tell me in advance what they want.
This removes guesswork and possible mistakes.

I was very happy to play exactly what she wanted.


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