Spanish Guitar Music for a Spanish Wedding

April 18, 2017

A little while back I played Spanish guitar music for a wedding and it was such a memorable occasion that I feel compelled to write my memories of it here.

Flamenco Guitarist

The couple getting married were both Spanish and absolutely loved Spanish guitar music.

They were quite knowledgeable about the Flamenco and Classical guitar repertoire and had specific ideas for the pieces that they wanted for their wedding day.

They had considered holding their wedding in Spain for several reasons and one of these being so that they could get authentic Spanish music.

When they first contacted me they were very clear that they wanted high quality concert standard music.

Tomas plays Guitar

They had listened to several examples of my playing on this website and wanted to meet with me to discuss my guitar music for the whole day in detail.

We decided that it would be good to have the guitar playing as guests arrived for the ceremony but it was important that the pieces should be quite peaceful and not give away what was going to happen later.

For the bride’s walk down the aisle they wanted one of my pieces that sounded serious with a very clear statement.

They liked the Soleares on this website very much but asked me to re arrange a section so that it would fit the timing of the walk perfectly.

I was very happy to do this.

Flamenco Guitarist at a Spanish Wedding

For the signing of the register they wanted a happy mood but not overwhelming so I suggested the Colombiana which is of South American origin and has a kind of gentle sway with the melodies being implied rather than brash statements.

As they left the ceremony they wanted me to play them out so to speak and I offered a lovely relaxing tremolo piece.

I thought this was appropriate because no matter how much you love the ceremony with the taking of vows it is a formal and serious experience and it feels right to then relax afterwards.

For the wedding reception which was a wonderful dinner but which nowadays is sometimes called the wedding breakfast the newly married couple wanted a proper recital of Classical and Flamenco pieces.

We looked at many pieces and found those which were just right.

Flamenco Music

As many musicians know sometimes you play at an event and it seems as if no one is listening or even notices you.

For me it was exactly the opposite.

The happy couple and their guests really loved this kind of music and asked me for several pieces that I was very happy to be able to play for them.

The joy of Flamenco

Eventually my work finished and I took my leave with very warm memories of such a lovely wedding day.

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