Spanish Guitar Music for a Spanish Wedding

January 30, 2021

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Spanish Guitar Music for a Wedding

A little while back I played Spanish guitar music for a wedding.

It was such a memorable occasion that I want to share memories of it here.

The couple getting married were both Spanish and absolutely loved Spanish guitar music.

Playing for all weddings

First and foremost, I love playing for all weddings.

Whichever country you come from, whatever your ethnicity. 

If you like my music I want to play for your wedding.

I feel a need to clarify this right from the start.

My clients for all events come from all over the world.

This really is the case.

One day I will play for people from an Arab nation.

The next day my clients are Japanese.

And the next event is for Norwegians.

This is my real situation and I love it.

This post is about a Spanish couple simply because that is also a part of my work.

Thus, although this post focuses on a Spanish wedding I am equally happy to play for all weddings.

Spanish guitar Spanish wedding

Nonetheless, I cannot be dishonest.

There is of course a joy in discussing the music with flamenco experts. 

This couple were knowledgeable about the Flamenco and Classical guitar repertoire.

Furthermore, they had specific requests for the pieces that they wanted for each moment.

They had considered holding their wedding in Spain for several reasons.

Especially so that they could get authentic Spanish music.

When they first contacted me they were very clear that they wanted high quality concert standard music.

Planning my guitar music to suit their day

They listened to the tracks on this website very carefully.

Additionally, they watched the videos.

Consequently, they knew which track they thought would suit which part of their wedding day best.

Their wedding planning was meticulous.

We discussed the music several times.

The happy couple and their guests really loved this kind of music.

Guests asked me for several of my pieces.

Naturally I was most happy to play their choices for them.

Eventually my work finished and I took my leave with very warm memories of such a lovely wedding day.

Flamenco Guitarist

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