Spanish Guitarist Brampton Halt

February 28, 2023

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Brampton Halt

Pitsford Road

Chapel Brampton Northamptonshire NN6 8BA

Friday 10 March 2023

01604 842676

Spanish Night

Spanish Guitarist Brampton Halt Spanish Night

Spanish Guitarist Brampton Halt.

I am delighted that Brampton Halt have contracted me to play Spanish guitar for their Spanish night.

On this occasion their will be an exciting addition to my solo flamenco guitar pieces.

I am joined by a second guitarist.

Mike has a very special sense of rhythm.

He developed his strumming style as a consequence of essentially 3 different but compatible styles.

These are:

  1. The music of the Gipsy Kings
  2. The Gipsy Rumba Style of the South of France
  3. The Gipsy Rumba style of Catalunya, Spain

The result is that Mike accompanies me with his perfect rhythm.

Sometimes his playing is very energetic.

Yet other times his playing is languid and romantic.

This provides me with a backing which allows and encourages me to improvise freely.

We have worked together on countless occasions and we know each other’s playing very well.

This gives me the freedom to extend or shorten my melodies right at the moment, just depending on how I feel.

Update playing Spanish Guitar

The event went very well indeed.

We were in the main dining room but our amplifiers meant that we could be heard throughout the venue.

Most of the music was Rumba and some people danced a few steps.

At one moment a child danced with their parent which was a delicate and joyous moment.

Perhaps you might enjoy finding out more about my Spanish guitar performances in Northamptonshire.

Spanish Flamenco Guitar

Of course, I certainly will play several Spanish flamenco styles.

Once again improvisation is the key.

Rather than rehearse a given piece I prefer to improvise around the flamenco styles or forms as we call them.

Hence, I may play within the structure of a flamenco style with a generic name of Seguiriya. But each time I play it quite differently.

This freedom for me certainly makes the music feel alive.

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