Spanish Night Black Horse Elton Peterborough

I was delighted to present a night of flamenco dance with my new dancer Rocio Gomez as well as some guitar and castanet duets and some guitar solos for the Spanish night at the Black Horse pub in Elton Peterborough.

Flamenco Dancer Booked for a Tapas and Paella event


The whole evening was very well organised and the managers had purchased a large sheet of plywood which they fixed to the floor so that Rocio’s wonderful footwork could be fully heard.

We were in a special area but they had organsised the tables in such a way that all of the diners could see the show.

Rocio does not like rehearsing very much and she does not like to pre arrange set choreographies. Rather she likes to work with the inspiration that she feels at each event. Had this been just another Spanish paella night at a pub perhaps she might not have felt especially inspired but this was not the case.

Flamenco Dancer Paella Event


From the moment that we arrived you could feel a kind of buzz. There were professional waiting staff who were being carefully directed by the managers to ensure that each person knew where they had to be and what they had to get done.  They were also very well turned out which I think matters in the same way that our professional costumes matter.

It shows the clients that the event is being taken seriously and managed with care.

Rocio certainly did feel inspired and impressed the diners with her opening dance of Fandangos in which she produces flamenco counterpoint percussive rhythms using her hand clapping and feet in combinations.

She also built a great crescendo with her footwork in Farruca and the delicacy of her dance style in Alegrias was much appreciated and I imagine that might be because delicate flamenco dancing is perhaps so well known.

Guitar and castanet duets included Sevillanas and Colombiana and I played a number of solos which gave Rocio time to change into her various beautiful costumes.

The people were all wonderfully appreciative and asked to have photos taken together with Rocio.

Flamenco Guitarist and Dancer Spanish Event


I was very happy with how the whole evening went and finally there was a small detail but that was touching.

Any musician who plays around eating venues can tell you that sometimes you have to seek the person who pays you at the end.

That was not my case as payment is done at a later date so I just packed everything up into the car and was ready to leave when one of the waitresses came out and quickly followed us to the car park and was concerned that we had not been paid and wanted us to come back to get paid.

I explained that it would all be taken care of but I went away thinking that the management and staff at the Black Horse in Elton really make sure that they get it all right on the night.