Spanish Night Fortescue Arms Billingborough

Together with flamenco singer and dancer Yasmin, I performed for the Spanish night at the Forescue Arms, Billingborough.

The beautiful voice of Yasmin Bokhari Friberg

This was our second engagement at Fortescue Arms and so we were very much looking forward to it.

The setting is ideal. They have a courtyard which is very similar to a Spanish patio.

The day had been very hot and as the evening drew in there was a lovely temperature and summer night atmosphere.

Spanish Singer Yasmin Bokhari Friberg with Flamenco Guitarist Tomas Jimenez

The audience was very appreciative indeed and very well disposed. I think that this mood is created by the superb real authentic Spanish food served by friendly and efficient waiting staff.

We had arrived quite early and taken some time to set up our sound levels and Yasmin said that she felt very comfortable with the microphone which in turn enabled her to experiment with the songs and improvise new cadences etc.

We felt it was appropriate to offer music that included some very serious traditional flamenco singing and dancing, some delicate Spanish classical guitar pieces, some popular Spanish songs that you may well have heard while on holiday in Spain  and as always I interspersed  several Flamenco Guitar Solos.

The beautiful voice of Yasmin Bokhari Friberg

We loved giving this performance and on the way home we discussed how our audience were cultural people with a knowledge of Spain and it’s music and yet at the same time realaxed and enjoying the Spanish evening at Fortescue Arms, Billingborough.