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I am working with Yasmin Bokhari Friberg from Madrid Spain, who sings Flamenco as well as other Spanish songs.

The beautiful voice of Yasmin Bokhari Friberg



For as long as I can remember I have loved to accompany flamenco singers and /or Spanish singers who sing other typical Spanish songs.

This is the case with Yasmin.

She is very versatile and as such can sing the most authentic Flamenco forms such as Tarantas or Tientos or Alegrias but then in absolute contrast can sing beautiful South American songs such as Sabor a Mi or Besame Mucho or Moliendo Cafe and then once again Yasmin can turn to some tender and passionate or joyful and energetic Spanish songs such as Los Cuatro Muleros or Los Peregrinitos or La Tarara, which in her interpretation begins very slowly and almost mysterious and gradually builds up to a stronger rhythmical expression.

Spanish Singer Yasmin Bokhari Friberg with Flamenco Guitarist Tomas Jimenez


This for me is most rewarding.

While it is true that I will always love playing solo flamenco guitar it is also very true that I gain my greatest inspiration from the working with other people.

We are already performed  in public a few times and audience members have been very complimentary about Yasmin’s exceptional voice.

It is difficult to describe but I will try:

Sometimes she sings so softly, almost as if she is holding the feeling in, other times her voice becomes profound and then quite unexpectedly there is a sudden outburst of emotion.

The beautiful voice of Yasmin Bokhari Friberg


Her accent is from her native Madrid but with just a touch of Andalucia and I find this to be absolutely perfect and  ideal for many of her songs. Indeed I will be brave enough to say that in Spanish songs sometimes I think singers overdo the Andaluz accent or intonation to such an extent that there is a risk that the song becomes a parody of Spanish sentiment.

No chance of this with Yasmin. It is crystal clear to me that she is absolutely sincere and her singing whether flamenco or other Spanish is the manifestation of that honest approach.

I look forward to giving many more performances with Yasmin Bokhari Friberg.