Tapas Evening at Verulam Golf Club St. Albans

On the night of Saturday 20 May 2017, I had the pleasure of performing Flamenco Guitar together with the wonderful Flamenco Dancer Laura at the Verulam Golf Club.

I read on their Facebook page that after 24 hours of announcing the event it was completely sold out. I am not surprised; the Spanish food I saw coming to the tables looked and smelt very authentic to me.

(Perhaps I should think about negotiating food as part of my fee!)

The Verulam Golf Club was a lovely place, very easy to find with easy parking.

There was a lovely relaxed but dignified atmosphere throughout our performance.

Naturally the members applauded Laura’s very impressive dancing and footwork and were visibly intrigued by her skilful castanet playing to accompany some of my pieces.

I was pleased to receive comments on my “passionate playing” because certainly passion is what flamenco is about.

We both felt the atmosphere was receptive and we performed a selection of authentic flamenco pieces which included Alegrias, Farruca, Soleares, Granainas,Tientos, Bulerias, Tangos Flamencos, Seguiriyas, Sevillanas, Fandangos as well as a few Spanish classical compositions such as Asturias, Recuerdos de La Alhambra and Romance Anonimo.

The general manager had carefully organised a good performance space for us with direct access to an electric socket which made setting up the microphone and amplifier very quick and easy. As such it was possible to produce a very good amplified sound without feedback.

Any performer will tell you that when the management take the time and interest to get these things right well in advance not only do you have a positive working environment but it all comes together to help you to feel at your best and in full performance mode.

Stage managers, as many in the theatre know are the unsung heroes of successful performances.

The dinner that had been organised included many dishes and went on quite late but when we took our leave it was with on the one hand some exhaustion as we had felt inspired to perform to our very best but this was tempered by a feeling of genuine happiness at having had the opportunity to perform for the delightful Verulam Golf Club event.