The Difference between Flamenco and Spanish Guitar Music

When potential clients approach me asking me to play for their event sometimes they ask for flamenco guitar music but other times they ask for Spanish guitar music.

Naturally, I take the time to discuss their requirements and to make suggestions as to which kind of music might suit their event best.

Here I would like to offer a few general pointers.

All the music examples that you will hear on this website are flamenco as are the videos. Although flamenco music is Spanish it is more specifically from the South of Spain from the region called Andalucía.

Flamenco has a very particular character or personality which I think is almost immediately recognisable. Although there are lots of different moods in flamenco covering so many human emotions flamenco always has  a kind of immediacy, a kind or urgency as though the music needs to come out of the guitar and to be heard.

Spanish guitar music on the other hand may be very similar to flamenco but it does not have to be. Some Spanish guitar pieces can be quite relaxing and in an evenings musical entertainment these pieces can provide  a welcome relaxing contrast to the more robust and virtuoso flamenco pieces.