Tomás and María

Tomás Jiménez: Spanish Flamenco Guitarist

Tomás Jiménez gives solo flamenco guitar recitals or with castanets and flamenco dancing throughout the UK.

Tomás Jiménez and María José García are from Cartagena, Murcia, Spain.

Tomás gives both solo Spanish flamenco guitar performances and performances of Spanish flamenco guitar, castanets and dance together with María José García.

Tomás and María perform authentic Spanish flamenco that is varied and enjoyable to both flamenco experts and the general public.

Please be aware that Tomás and María do not offer commercialised tourist type Spanish shows but if for example an organisation wished to raise funds for a worthy project and have thought than an evening of Spanish flamenco together with an offer of wine and tapas would attract attention to the cause in such a case it would be possible to discuss how Tomás and María would perform  a programme of authentic beautiful spanish flamenco music, castanets and dance.

Tomás Jiménez and María José García have recorded their first CD which is called ‘Flamenco’ and contains both flamenco guitar solos and duets of flamenco guitar and castanets. This CD like their performances contains a very varied selection of flamenco music including slow emotional flamenco solos and joyful explosive duets with castanets.

Tomás Jiménez plays timeless, beautiful and passionate Spanish flamenco guitar music.

His extensive and varied repertoire includes his own virtuoso and thrilling compositions in addition to works by such great flamenco masters as:

  • Paco Peña
  • Paco de Lucía
  • Ramón Montoya
  • Niño Ricardo
  • Sabicas
  • Mario Escudero
  • Esteban de Sanlucar

In Tomás’s concert programme each composition is unique: it has its own character, rhythm and harmonies.

The pieces convey a wide range of emotions such as: sensitive and gentle, loud and explosive, sorrowful, amusing and light hearted.

As many cultures have passed through Andalucía and thus contributed to the creation of flamenco a concert by Tomás Jiménez includes pieces which have distinct tonal qualities pertaining to those cultures: Moorish, Sephardic Jewish, Latin American and the indigenous folk music of Andalucía.
But in all cases the pieces are always most clearly Spanish and Andalusian.

  • Solo Flamenco Guitar Recitals
  • Duets of Flamenco Guitar and Castanets
  • Duets of Flamenco Guitar Castanets and Dancing
  • Master Classes and Workshops: Dance and or Guitar

Audiences and music critics alike constantly comment that the concerts by Tomás Jiménez are always very understandable and enjoyable.

In short Tomás Jiménez gives a magnificent evening of flamenco whether a solo recital or together with castanets and flamenco dance.

In his masterful and varied recital, the acclaimed yet modest Spanish flamenco guitarist Tomás Jiménez introduced the backgrounds and styles of various forms and origins of flamenco, from traditional Spanish styles, to his personal improvised pieces. Both entertaining and enlightening, the true beauty of this event was the pure unadulterated escapism it provided.

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