Tunbridge Wells Spanish Guitar Private Party

What lovely people!

From the moment I arrived they could not do enough for me.

They had already set up a very sensible playing area for me in their beautifully designed garden.

They wanted me to be comfortable.

Loving playing flamenco guitar


The joy of Flamenco

The guests were lovely gentle people who enjoyed my playing of Spanish flamenco and classical pieces.

  • My hosts are especially keen on Spanish guitar because they spend frequent time in Spain where they listen to Spanish guitar playing live and have gained a kind of intuitive (non-academic) understanding of this genre of music.
  • You don’t need volumes on flamenco when you can feel it in your heart.
  • Some of the guests either requested particular pieces which in some cases were in my repertoire or stopped to chat for  a while about the pieces that I had chosen to play and to reminisce about the times they have heard guitar in Spain.
  • You know you have a great audience when they recognise pieces and /or just feel that they would like to chat a while in acknowledgement of the work that you are doing with your playing.

The skies decided to reward us with Spanish sun, (what is going on this summer!!) and the whole event was wonderful.

When it was over it was a long drive back, especially because an incident on the motorways meant I had to recalculate my route, thus adding time.

But that was no problem to me.

I was very happy and drove home peacefully with good memories of a lovely gentle evening in Tunbridge Wells.